TODAY   |  February 18, 2013

Viral ‘Jeopardy’ star tries to outsmart anchors

Seventeen-year-old Leonard Cooper became a viral sensation with his creative final “Jeopardy” answer, and guest host Steve Harvey sees if he can outsmart Willie, Natalie in Al in a little trivia contest.

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>>> 17-year-old leonard cooper is enjoying newfound fame as jeopardy's team champion. not so much his win as to how he won that has everybody buzzing. a lot of people are calling this answer for final jeopardy the best answer in the show's history. take a look.

>> the subject is military men. this is the clue. on june 6th , 1944 , he said "the eyes of the world are upon you." now we go to leonard cooper. he is looking pretty happy. why? did he come up with dwight david eisenhower ?

>> no, i didn't.

>> you didn't? some guy in normandy but i just won $75,000. you did, indeed.

>> leonard cooper, good morning to you, man.

>> yeah. the man.

>> great answer. how did you know you were going to win, though?

>> it wasn't a sure thing. the kid on my far right could have caught me, if he had gotten it right. the kid was 14, i think, a freshman, in ninth grade. he hadn't had u.s. history yet. i didn't think that he was going to get the question about history when i saw the category military guys because even in the turn he hadn't been getting a lot of the military or american history questions.

>> wow! sizing up the competition.

>> we're going to play our own game of jeopardy right now.

>> it's all on you. it's all on him.

>> no, it's not.

>> yes, it is.

>> we didn't rig it like that. which president was the only one to be elected twice but not in a row? was it -- [ buzzer ]

>> grover cleveland .

>> yeah, it was grover cleveland . yeah.

>> very good.

>> all right.

>> we're doing great so far.

>> when you say "we."

>> you mean leonard ?

>> me and leonard .

>> i was actually going to give you a multiple choice .

>> i don't think that's going to be happening a lot.

>> i wouldn't have even needed to know a president. which president gave camp david its name after his father and grandson?

>> eisenhower.

>> dwight d. eisenhower is correct. that's an old person answer.

>> that's good. tied 1-1 now.

>> question three, folks. here we go. which president once got stuck in the white house --

>> i didn't see that.

>> william taft .

>> right there.

>> got stuck in the tub and they had to use butter to get him out. my kind of guy.

>> oh, okay. okay. that's a little unfair, folks.

>> come on, leonard . we can do it.

>> weight question, al roker . unfair. here we go, number four. which president's secret service code name is renegade?

>> yes, sir?

>> nixon.

>> no.

>> no?

>> can we hear the other choices?

>> george bush , barack obama , john f. kennedy , richard nixon .

>> i'm going to go with president obama .

>> that would be correct, sir.

>> wow! can we double down? can we triple down?

>> which president briefly kept two bears of pets on the white house lawn?

>> thomas jefferson , james monroe , andrew jackson , chester arthur .

>> james monroe .

>> jackson.

>> you can't give two answers. what is that?

>> thomas jefferson .