TODAY   |  February 18, 2013

Obama joins Tiger Woods for round of golf

The TODAY anchors, along with guest host Steve Harvey, chat about President Obama hitting the golf course with Tiger Woods and the controversy over Maker’s Mark’s decision to water down their whiskey and the company’s subsequent reversal.

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>> this is amazing. you should try this more often.

>> no kidding. especially in february.

>> it's like 5 outside. how cold is it out with the wind?

>> it's 18.

>> 18.

>> a couple of degrees.

>> but the windchill, it feels like --

>> that's what i meant.

>> there you go.

>> including the windchill. you should know that about me by now. steve, before we get into our take three, we're just talking about what you're doing right now, how busy you are. your talk show is great. you're doing family feud .

>> every morning.

>> do you eat, sleep, bathe?

>> no, none of that. just get a lot of cologne and make it work.

>> you smell great, by the way, too.

>> thank you. i care about every minute of the day. people ask me how do you do all of this? i care about every single minute of the day. you can get a lot done if you just keep it on track and work it right. " family feud " is great. it's probably the best thing that happened to me to propel me into mainstream america, that game show .

>> what's your approach on that show? you have richard dawson making out with all the ladies in the '70s. what's the stooev harvey approach?

>> i just try to have fun. families that are there are excited to be there. of the 500 some episodes i shot, a family has never canceled. they're excited about being on tv. they got a chns to win a car, a lot of cash. and that right there, if you feed that back to them, they feed it back to you. and then i don't have to write any jokes. the people's answers are the jokes. makes my job pretty easy.

>> you get to play the straight man.

>> exactly.

>> is that double windsor ? it almost looks triple windsor.

>> a lot of people are worried about that.

>> you haven't is succumbed to the thinner tie thing?

>> i don't think that's what's happening. that's a european look. i'm a big guy . you have a little more stealth built. it works.

>> that's what we call it.

>> the wider knots if you wear a vest because you can use more of the fat end of the tie, but no vest, i would have to go thinner. plus the wide knots look better with the spread collar.

>> there you go.

>> i knew steve would probably have the best.

>> fashion tips from steve harvey .

>> that's right.

>> you can wear your vest.

>> not doing too bad, al. little help from steve harvey . our first take, golf with the president. president obama spent the weekend, at least yesterday, playing golf with tiger woods at the floridian golf club . they met in 2009 though this was their first time playing golf together. white house prohibited media coverage . not a single white house reporter was allowed inside to see what was happening but tim r roseford tweeted president has arrived awaiting tiger woods . one of the most prominent golf writers found his way into the club. not a bad way to spend the weekend, steve harvey , playing golf with tiger.

>> apparently the president did very well, shot in the 80s.

>> that's a great day for me, in the 80s. i'm a bogey golfer. that's my dream foursome. i would love to play with the president and tiger woods .

>> and who is the fourth?

>> i'm not going to have a fourth.

>> okay.

>> it's a threesome.

>> probably have some secret service guy next to me, watching me, my background check was a little weird so ride with me. it's kind of hard to play with the president.

>> i think you would get by.

>> how far we've come with tiger woods . could you imagine a couple of years ago the president being seen alongside tiger woods ? it wouldn't have happened.

>> i think forgiveness is in order for everybody. everybody has to be forgiven so they can correct it and move on. i'm okay with it. he's not that -- plus he was making $1 billion, you know. what did he have, 12 chicks? i was disappointed.

>> wow!

>> okay.

>> more money, more chicks?

>> you should be in the 40, 50 rang range.

>> as steve harvey said, make every minute count.

>> and every dollar apparently, too.

>> okay. on that note we'll bring in a little booze. do we have the booze? i think we do. for our take two.

>> willie is a very happy man this morning.

>> i'm a bourbon man. are you a drinker?

>> no, just red wine .

>> red wine , okay. maker's mark, i guess we're doing shots. didn't realize it was going down like this.

>> is this neat?

>> you may have heard this story last week, announcing it would dilute its whiskey from 90 proof down to 80 proof. because of the backlash online --

>> water it down?

>> the whole supply because they were selling out. it was too popular.

>> what?

>> there was this outrage online that said you cannot cut into my booze three percentage points. set the nation ablaze about their whiskey. now the company has gone back and said you spoke, we've listened. we're sincerely sorry we let you down. we're going back up to 45%. there never really was any watered down booze. some cynics are saying this is the most brilliant marketing ploy of all time.

>> true. i agree.

>> oh, yeah.

>> i noticed nobody took a sip. are we not there yet?

>> are you kidding me? go ahead, willie .

>> not a bourbon kind of guy?

>> no. i drink, this show is going to be real different.

>> let's get kathie lee and hoda down here.

>> cheers. go for it, willie .

>> i think it was a gimmick. if you water it down, it takes more to get the effect so they sell more.

>> right.

>> true.

>> that's got to be the concept behind it. they're not trying to help us out.

>> they're trying to help themselves out, yeah.

>> water it down and charge you the same amount. who is going to go for that?

>> that's why nobody went for it and they decided not to go for it either.

>> go ahead.

>> you're not going to take a sip?

>> go ahead.

>> whoo! wow!

>> that's good stuff.

>> you drank that whole thing? this is going to be an interesting hour, folks.

>> hoda and kathie lee hour.

>> who drinks this? whoo!

>> you never worked with our director, joe michaels.

>> you like that? jet fuel, right?

>> i'll save this one for joe.

>> we should point out that maker's mark is not from the prop department. it's from my office and it is half full .

>> not a lie.

>> that explains " morning joe ."

>> part of it, yes.

>>> let's move on now to take three as the burning goes down our chest.

>> down your chest.

>>> we got some research out just the other day. parents actually, one in every two of them on facebook admits now they're only on facebook to spy on their kids.

>> absolutely.

>> yeah.

>> 43% of parents say they check their kids' profiles every single day. this comes from education database online who polled a bunch of parents. anybody surprised at this?

>> you have teenagers at home.

>> yeah.

>> are you on facebook because of them?

>> i check everything. my sons can't lock their doors. they didn't pay for the door.

>> true.

>> i just walk in. there's no privacy in my house. me and your mom got -- i check everything. i think you have to. today's society is too much stuff that they can get at your kids with. and without some type of guidance, it could get out of hand.

>> do they know you check the facebook ?

>> i think so. i don't really care.

>> are you stealth?

>> no, i'm not stealth. pull up your facebook . i don't know how to go online half the times. they probably have a fake page they're showing me or something.

>> you but know that they've got a fake page. that's pretty good.

>> al, do you check facebook ?

>> yes.

>> you do?

>> yes, i do.

>> have you talked about it with your kids?

>> especially my oldest. sweetie, you can't be doing this. this lives online forever. we've had discussions about it.

>> you said they're too young.

>> yeah, thanks goodness, but, you know --

>> it's coming.

>> what you have to concern yourself with as your popularity and fame increases, your children become a target for people out there trying to get at your kids from different ways for a fast buck. that makes it doubly tough.

>> true. you have to be careful.

>> have either of you guys seen something online with your kid that you said, whoa, i've got to go talk to my son or daughter about what they're posting?

>> yes, i have.

>> 25-year-old woman befriended my son on facebook and set up to meet him at the mall in a food court .

>> i think that was my daughter.

>> and my wife found out about it and i had to do everything in my power to keep my wife going to the mall.

>> to meet her.

>> yeah. that's what it was going to be and the harvey name would have been all over -- we would have been in "enquirer." nobody even get that is anymore. what's the new magazine, "national star"?

>> it's hard to keep track.