TODAY   |  February 18, 2013

Meet first black editor-in-chief for Conde Nast

Brides magazine’s Keija Minor is at the top of her game as the first black editor-in-chief for Conde Nast and tells NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo that her success comes from her passion for learning as much as she can about her craft.

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>>> this morning on the g richlt grio 100, list of african- american history makers and "brides" magazine head honcho made that list. she has risen to the top of but it was a journey that required a leap of faith . mara schiavocampo has that story.

>> determined to chase her dreams. not only has she achieved them but inspiring others to dream big , too.

>> we're thinking about this as the possible cover.

>> reporter: work can be an awful lot of fun.

>> does this excite you?

>> every day. every day.

>> reporter: as "brides" editor in chief, she is in charge of the most popular magazine in the country, published by conde naste, behind other powerhouses like vogue and vanity fair .

>> our job is to carry it because a bride could drive herself crazy looking at all the options out there.

>> reporter: not just making editorial choices but making history as the first african-american editor in chief in conde nast history.

>> there's historical note worthiness but she has the job because she has the talent and will to succeed.

>> reporter: has it sunk in?

>> has it sunk in? no, not really. the appointment is wonderful and worth celebrating. i still every day want to be the best editor that i can be.

>> reporter: she didn't start out in publishing. the 40-year-old who called d.c. home graduated from howard university law school and spent four years in corporate law . she soon realized it wasn't for her and started to plan her exit.

>> a year's worth of mortgage payments. i won't be able to eat but at least i won't be homeless.

>> reporter: following a life-long passion for magazines, and taking an 85% pay cut. within two years, she was editor in chief, a title she would hold at two bigger publications before moving to "brides." what do you think it is that makes you good at this job?

>> i think it starts with being passionate about it. i really do love it. and love learning about my craft. if you're passionate about something, i really do believe that the success will come.

>> reporter: and it did. now minor oversees every aspect of "brides," including how they adapt to the digital landscape. that's not the only thing that's changed over time . today, 40% of the magazines readers are minorities.

>> it is of importance that conde nast adjusts to the fact that they have a diverse reader ship. you want that reflected not onlin on the pages of your magazines but at your mast heads and in your board rooms. how do you consider being a role model?

>> there's less pressure and honor in that. when i think of role models i think of michelle obama and anna winter and people like that with proven track records . i'm still growing and there's still work to do.

>> reporter: minor's career advice for other women, surround yourself with a great team, make time for yourself and be grateful for what you have. she also says if you're considering a career switch, just go for it because, savannah, face it none of us are younger.

>> way to put a fine point on it. she is pretty inspiring. thank you very