TODAY   |  February 18, 2013

Keri Russell on being a KGB spy, starring in thriller

Actress Keri Russell stops by to chat with the TODAY anchors about coming back to TV with a show on FX called “The Americans,” and also releasing a new thriller movie called “Dark Skies.”

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>> this reminds me of the story that was in the news recently. you play a spy, kgb agent living undercover as an american.

>> it's true, there have been a few real- life episodes of this. really our show is more of a fictionalized version of that. but it's really a story of this very complicated marriage of these two kgb spies living very, very deep cover in suburban d.c. and all the things that spies have to do.

>> during the 1980s cold war era . does that mean ' 80s fashion ?

>> yeah, a lot of that. no cell phones.

>> not the only thing you have going on. "dark skies" is coming out. tell us about this.

>> that's true. it's a really good, scary thriller. kind of more in the vain of like poltergeist. keeping outside forces and --

>> that bird hits the window.

>> if you're jumpy, it's not the movie for you. this movie does what it's supposed to do and it's really great.

>> you're a very busy lady. look for "dark skies" and "the americans" on fx.