TODAY   |  February 18, 2013

Where does all the lost luggage go?

Around 70,000 pieces of luggage are lost each year, along with electronics, clothing and jewelry, but where does it all end up? Many are sold at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in a small Alabama town at a discounted cost. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports

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>>> back now at 7:43 with the story a lot of travelers can relate to. many of us wait anxiously for our luggage to come off that conveyer belt and sometimes it takes a while. but what if the bag never makes it to you? janet shamlian shows us where it may end up.

>> reporter: it's the size of a football field and stocked with trendy brands and expensive jewelry you would find in a high-end department store . but almost every trinket here was someone else 's treasure. from the dozens of almost new ipads to the pricey headphones. it's all from someone's lost luggage .

>> when people travel, they're going to pack their best things when they go on their trip. some really good things in our store.

>> reporter: most wayward bags are eventually reunited with their owner, some 70,000 are permanently lost each year. then there are the phones, ipods and cameras left on planes with no identification.

>> why don't people put their names on these?

>> reporter: unclaimed baggage center in alabama buys it all by the pound. then sorts it and sells it at a discount. many as 7,000 items are put out every day. some of them, brand new. jeremy mcartie bought this for her husband, for herself, pricey jeans at 80% off.

>> there's all kinds. it's just loaded.

>> reporter: beyond the clothes and electronics --

>> okay, so what?

>> exactly.

>> reporter: a trip here is a voinl into the unusual.

>> how did it even come in? was it in a suitcase?

>> it wouldn't seem hard to find the owner of this, a championship belt . would i have a problem getting through security?

>>> owners have settled with the airline. but how could you ever really replace an engagement ring or a wedding gown ? dozens end up here every well.

>> i didn't realize it was a vera wang . it wouldn't surprise me, though, because it's beautiful.

>> reporter: do you need one?

>> no, i don't. if i could fit into a size zero , i might buy it just to say, look, i can get into a size zero vera wang .

>> reporter: janet shamlian , sko scottsboro, alabama.