TODAY   |  February 18, 2013

Singer Mindy McCready dead in apparent suicide

Police say country star Mindy McCready was found dead Sunday in an apparent suicide after suffering a single self-inflicted gunshot wound, one month after McCready’s boyfriend David Wilson was found shot dead in the same Arkansas home. NBC’s Andrea Canning reports.

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>>> that breaking news, the tragic loss in the world of country music . troubled star mindy mccready has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. andrea canning, you spoke with the star just a few week ago.

>> so sad and so bizarre we were just there. i texted her a couple of nights ago asking her how she was and how sorry i was and i never heard back. now it appears she was battling those demons, those personal demons sthee had for so long. sunday night neighbors her two gun shots. she is said to have shot her dog and herself in a place that had great meaning for the singer.

>> i just keep telling myself the more suffering i go through, the greater character i'll have.

>> reporter: in her final interview last month before reportedly taking her own life, country singer mindy mccready sounded hopeful, but things apparently became too much to bear.

>> i don't know why he did what he did. he's gone. i cannot get him back.

>> reporter: dan hanks, los angeles -based private investigator and long-time friend advised mccready on personal matters over the years. for business purposes and with her consent, hanks often says he recorded their phone conversations. the last one on saturday afternoon.

>> i would have never guessed that she would have gone ahead and done what she did.

>> reporter: she got emotional, talking about her new song "i'll see you yesterday."

>> it's such a beautiful song. it must be heard.

>> reporter: ironically written to try to help those contemplating suicide .

>> now it's so clear that that was what she was doing, preparing her last statement in this video.

>> reporter: authorities found her body on this porch shall the same place where her boyfriend, david wilson , died last month. police have not ruled yet whether his death was murder or suicide.

>> the police have not called you a suspect, but do you feel like just the way that it came out in the story that it was damaging in itself?

>> i was hurting so bad and then they just did whatever they could to make it hurt even more. guys do it all the time

>> reporter: the country star was once at the top of the charts. was better known recently for her public struggles with addiction. she had recently won a bitter custody battle to get her son back, but in the days following david wilson 's death, her two boys were placed in foster care . friends say she had a brief stay in a mental health facility but was released.

>> my life hasn't ever really made sense to me, because i -- i do know what kind of person i am. and i do know that i -- i try to be as good a person as i could possibly be every day.

>> police say it does appear to be suicide, but they are conducting an autopsy at the arkansas crime lab , the same lab where her boyfriend's death is being investigated as well. her two young boys are still with the foster family and she told me they were the reason she got up every day. that's where your heartbreaks here is for those two little boys , one of them just 9 months old.

>> terrible story. thank you, andrea.