TODAY   |  February 16, 2013

Brrr! Tips for keeping warm in the cold

With freezing fingers, numb toes and wind whipping against chapped faces, winter weather has the potential to make going outside miserable. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer took one for the team to discover the best way to get protect against the elements.

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>>> we know it's winter. we know it's going to be cold and we can't change it. that doesn't mean we can't try to feed it. who better to give us tips on dealing with the winter weather than dylan dreyer. you took one for the team here.

>> i did. i braved the cold. you know, winter weather can certainly make you miserable. you've got the freezing fingers, the numb toes, wind whipping your face. but i did take one for the team. tried to get some tips on how to stay warm for the rest of this winter. you're as cold as ice

>> reporter: icy. snowy. bitterly cold. winter can feel like a battle. body armor required.

>> i always layer up, but no matter what my fingers, my toes are just frozen solid. why is that?

>> the reason is when our body is cold there's a natural preservation mechanism that kicks in. the body will take the blood that's in the fingers and toes and reroutes the blood supply , if you will, to what's called the core. it's cold outside

>> reporter: if your job won't let you take a snow day , keeping those hands and feet warm can be hard work.

>> the key to staying warm on a day like this is staying dry. my boots are extremely efficient in keeping out the water. my secret here is my hand warmers .

>> reporter: even though being out in the asked this much fun, you don't want freezing temperatures to slow you down.

>> i have pajamas, these pants --

>> lots and lots of layers.

>> underarmor shirt. and a jacket.

>> reporter: bill toy has fought the freezing cold at camelback ski resort for more than 40 years. what is the cold evidence you remember?

>> oh, making snow at about ten below zero one night.

>> reporter: how do you do it?

>> you keep moving . keep moving . proper clothing, boots. when it gets that cold, mittens help more than gloves.

>> reporter: i know i'm a wimp when it comes to the cold. but in the five minutes it took us on the ski tloift get from the base of the mountain -- lift to get from the base of the mountain to up here, i am absolutely freezing. i can't feel my hands, forget about my feet. what really works? what is the secret to staying warm?

>> you really have to look into what is winter resistant, water repellant, moisture controlling.

>> reporter: vivian seymore is director of the fashionable technology lab at parsons designer center. she's an expert.

>> it is goretex.

>> reporter: water repellant that will hopefully make you warmer and drier. this looks like a regular scarf. what is it about it?

>> yes, what they've been doing with the heattech is manipulated the fiber itself. they both keep you really warm whether that's the base layer or the scarf itself. northface is coming out with a new product in the fall of 2013 that's called thermal -- primolost. it keeps you warm and keeps the water and wind out.

>> reporter: we're realizing is the key.

>> exactly. yes. i.c.e. baby

>> reporter: from high tech to home realm bees, things help but does hot chocolate help?

>> i think overall for the long term it's not going to make you stay warmer. certainly drinking hot chocolate will give you the sense of feeling warmer. after all, whose day couldn't go a little better without a little chocolate in it?

>> reporter: the biggest lesson learned here today is to layer up and just keep moving . eice ice baby

>> and another lesson the secret on the a, been out here for three minutes, we have all these hand warmers .

>> we do.

>> this helps.

>> they put them inside our gloves. and on the back of our jackets. and they -- they ordered snow for the segment. it was perfect.

>> i thought it was appropriate.

>> it looks really, really good. great stuff, dylan. thanks. we'll