TODAY   |  February 16, 2013

Expert: Pistorius will likely be freed on bond

“He's a well-known celebrity,” said South African attorney Llewelyn Curlewis. “He's not a flight risk, so I can't see serious reasons why a court should be unwilling to grant him bail, ultimately.” Pistorius has been charged with murdering his girlfriend and is being held by police. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> pistorius is in police custody this morning preparing to fight charges he murdered his model and reality star girlfriend. we have more from pretoria, south africa . michelle, good morning.

>> reporter: hi, erica. oscar pistorius is being held here where police say he's doing okay and has been reading. he just got a visit from his legal team. he will likely be here until at least a tuesday bond hearing. and that should be interesting. each side will argue why he should and should not be set free . that will likely shed much more light on what exactly investigators think happened inside that house. oscar pistorius is being watched carefully in a police holding cell instead of a prison where most people in such a case would be held. charged with murder. he has denied killing his girlfriend of eight months, model and up-and-coming reality star reeva steenkamp. in a statement through his agent disputing the alleged murder in the strongest terms. police have told of domestic incidents at his home, shouting heard earlier that night. steenkamp was shot four times. some feel pistorius will likely be freed on bond.

>> he's a well-known celebrity. he's not a flight risk. i can't see serious reasons why he should be -- bail shouldn't be granted.

>> reporter: what about prosecutors calling this premeditated murder ? if it were some kind of accident, the charge of anything could ultimately be something like negligent homicide or manslaughter. but the legal word here is that this case might be very difficult to prove accidental or self-defense.

>> you must come up with certain evidence to suggest that you do everything in your power before you actually shoot to kill somebody. in other words --

>> like calling the police.

>> calling the police. shouting for assistance. shouting for the neighbors. pushing the panic button.

>> reporter: those who know pistorius can't believe all that's happened. in his autobiography, he did mention his sometimes difficult relationships. at one point trying to drive 400 miles in the middle of the night to see a girlfriend after an argument on the phone but not making it because he crashed his car.

>> i didn't personally see malice ever in oscar's personality. what i feared more than anything was that he would hurt himself because he drove insanely fast. i mean, 140, 150 miles per hour. he had already had a speedboat accident in which he suffered major injuries that set his career back for a year or so. so to me, oscar was a danger to himself.

>> reporter: that tuesday bond hearing will be the same day as reeva steenkamp's funeral. tonight we'll air the first episode of that reality show that she stars in. the producer said this will be a tribute to her, and they felt it was an injustice to not share with the world her beauty and intelligence. erica?

>> michelle kaczynski live for us this morning. thanks.