TODAY   |  February 16, 2013

Famous pig rolls his way around Studio 1A

Time for a pork roll? Chris P. Bacon became an internet sensation when a video of him rolling around in his custom wheelchair hit the internet. His owner, a vet, brought him by TODAY.

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>>> chris p. bacon . a pig -- he's a little over a month old and would like to go back in his crate right now. so his dad built in a wheelchair because he doesn't have use of his hind legs. posted the video on youtube as one does nowa days. wouldn't you know it, we're now at nearly 700,000 views, and the rest is internet history . chris p. bacon is here whether he wants to be or not along with the veterinarian who built him that lovely apparatus there.

>> you can watch him roll.

>> you could.

>> len, what gave you the idea? you used a toy, connect --

>> connect four --

>> to build his apparatus. what led you to that?

>> i was dealing with a one-pound pig. his to be creative. my employer actually had a handicapped dog, and he told me lots of stories about it. i thought, well, i can do something similar, you know. and remembering that -- i used to play with these all the time.

>> you have leftovers from your kid.

>> yeah, i never knew them out.

>> you don't see a lot of pigs in your office in florida.

>> we don't see any, right.

>> this was a surprise. when you see you have something here, what made you decide to put it on line?

>> he was quiet.

>> not anymore.

>> you know, it was worth taping when they're quiet. no, he was -- he did really good.

>> is he friendly?

>> he loves people.

>> i have to ask you, he's not in distress is he now? is he --

>> he's a little stressed. you know, it's not bad. if he was really stressed you'd know. we wouldn't be able to hear each other.

>> does he have an agent? does he want to do more show business ?

>> he's not fired up.

>> i'm available.

>> it's not that bad.

>> yeah. [ squealing loudly ]

>> now he's getting stressed.

>> yeah, we'll let him take a little rest then.