TODAY   |  February 16, 2013

Jillian Michaels: New diet book is ‘as simple as I can make it’

The workout queen and Biggest Loser trainer is out with Slim for Life, a new book that deals with hunger, cravings and plateaus. “It’s how you lose it that’s going to allow you to maintain it,” Michaels told TODAY’s Erica Hill.

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>>> "biggest loser" fitness expert jillian michaels has spent more than 20 years helping people reach their target weight. she's here to talk about her

book "slim for life: the secrets to lasting weight loss ."

>> thank you.

>> i think for people it's the lasting part that seems most elusive for many of us.

>> yes. it's how you lose it that will allow you to maintain it. if you lose it with a fab diet that you can't maintain, of course you'll gain it back and then some.

>> this is -- as you read through the book, we're supposed to keep a tally the whole way reading through it. it is about the changes that you keep for life. is that the thing that you think is the most different -- you have a number of best sellers out there.

>> i know. the idea with this book is that it's simple, it's straightforward. it's affordable. it's accessible. it's a lot easier than a lot of the books i put out there prior because i always hear, well, you did your workout, but i didn't do your diet. why? i didn't have the money or the time.

>> right.

>> or vice-versa. with this, i was like, all right, this is as simple as i can make it. and this is the easiest i can make it so that you get the results and you keep it off. it also deals with dieting dilemmas like hunger, cravings, plateaus. anything you come up against that you can't normally figure out, the answers are in this book.

>> how to overcome those. you have brought new challenges into your life. you're a mom now. you have two little ones , almost 3 and ten months. there they are. has that changed at all how you approach the people that you work with and how you approach this goal in life? it changes things.

>> can i be honest with you? it's a bit why i wrote the book. i was like, okay, i get. i'm not getting to the gym five hours a week either. yost time to cook all the time. and it was a big part of me going, all right -- you know, here is an easier approach because i'm now -- it's amazing but adds that layer of overwhelm.

>> it does.

>> you're like, i'm -- i'm outnumbered and slightly overwhelmed. it definitely has changed my approach where i'm trying to be more forgiving with myself and -- with everybody else .

>> more understanding. it is -- there are never enough hours in the day with little ones .

>> no.

>> we have viewer questions.

>> okay.

>> our first from cysty in florida, a stay-at-home mom with two little girls. she says she gets plenty of exercise when chasing the girls. when she gets sick, routine gets derailed -- we with young children know what that's like -- she feels like she's -- should she exercise through the illness?

>> absolutely not. when the body is sick, it needs all the energy it can muster to fight off infection. some people might say if you don't have a respiratory infection , a light workout is okay. i'm here to say rest your body. you don't need to fit a workout in with the flu. that's ridiculous. you'll be down for a week at most. heal, eat well, and you'll be back up in no time.

>> this is from lynette in san jose , also a mom. she's a mom of two teens. her husband is now currently unemployed so she's been going to a gym, had to stop because of financial circumstances.

>> right.

>> they've seen some of their old habits and weight creep up. she would love tips on -- help for thing that don't involve a gym membership or things that are expensive.

>> here's my best advice. get yourself a used dvd for $5. you can do it at your house, over and over and over again. it's the gift that keeps on giving. you buy it once -- get a few if you can afford it, $15, a few used dvds, work out in your own home. if you can, get outside. go walking, jogging, biking, stairs at a high school stadium.

>> or in your house.

>> yes. exactly. do your stairs. lunges, pushups, situps, things you can do with your own body weight . when times are tough, we tend to nurture ourselves with food because it's comforting. find something else you can engage in that makes you feel better without being destructive. something that's more life affirming . a bubble bath , mani/pedi.

>> one last one, we have to ask about "the bigger loser." you seem softer this season. is that the kids --

>> no! when i started, everybody was like, she's mean -- now everyone's like, god, you're kind of -- i don't know. they've cut the corners off you. it just depends on where the contestants are at. if they're falling apart, i'm intent and crazy and over the top . to drive them more. when they're getting it together and they're on board, then i'm -- you know, we're synp at tha sympatico. monday's episode is bad. i lose my mind. it is justified. rob and i go at it a bit. we have a different opinion