TODAY   |  February 13, 2013

Get crafty for last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

If you’ve been procrastinating this Valentine’s Day, Soleil Moon Frye has the solution for your gift dilemmas. She demonstrates how to make last-minute DIY Valentine’s treats for your kids or that special someone.

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>> let's talk about the shoes.

>> all my twitter community wants to see. they're like 6 1/2, 7 inches. i'm going to try not to fall.

>> yes, girl.

>> willie has said if i do --

>> red bottoms for valentine's day. very nice touch.

>> we've got little boxes of love here. in our house we're all about reusing. you can take cereal boxes, tissue boxes, and craft away. paint, take washy tape, which i'm really into right now. decorate like crazy. it's all about reusing and making it affordable. make valentine's day affordable and fun.

>> sunny gets after t you lock like you're painting the garage there.

>> i do some things.

>> i love it! it's all about having fun .

>> like christmas, the stockings.

>> these are all things you can find in your house. this is super fun, easy, last-minute great craft ideas. write notes to your loved ones and put them in the mailbox. how cute, right?

>> if we want to put something else in the box, we have our own cards.

>> i'm all about nostalgia, of course. keeping it old school here, we have our construction paper . we make our adorable valentine's. this is what i've been doing with the girls. these are like paint swatches. i always have these crazy paint samples lying around. cut-outs also. taking the funny papers or magazines, gift wrapping and making those unique. i love this idea.

>> and your daughters, poet and jagger there.

>> making homemade cards for school. i love this. it's fun and unique. we're eusing things from our own house. you don't have to get crazy. you can keep it affordable, which is so important.

>> keep it all in the family, right?

>> for looking ahead.

>> i am so excited! who does not love rice crishri krispie treats?

>> get your hands in here.

>> a new spin on the rice krispie treat . we're going to make a huge heart over here. such a great gift for your loved one. it's so much fun. you are going to start molding away.

>> get in there.

>> you go, girl!

>> i highly recommend putting your hands in water first. willie , you just have to get in here. we start molding away. you can make little hearts, big hearts and really just have fun with the kids. you can also use cookie cutters, but i like just getting in there. you know what? let's go for it.

>> willie made an anatomical version.

>> oh, look, your heart is beautiful. you can make them small. you can make them big. this is so fun. over here we're going to spread some chocolate on t we've got white chocolate .

>> frost and decorate?

>> spread it all over and frost and decorate. as it's setting, you can decorate it with all your sweethearts, sprinkles.

>> perfect.

>> go to town, willie . you want to help me here?