TODAY   |  February 13, 2013

Spring trends: Leather, suits, black-and-white

If you didn’t get a ticket to attend the hottest fashion shows in New York City this week, Cindi Leive is here to help, providing a sneak peek at some of the trends that rocked the Fashion Week runways.

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>> on "today's" style, a sneak peek at fashion week. we went behind the scenes with glamour magazine 's editor in chief cindy levie to check out the trends that rocked the runway.

>> we're here at the spring 2013 fashion shows where we're looking at the clothes that designers think you're going to want to wear and you're going to be dying to buy. let's take a look. one big trend, and we're seeing it everywhere for spring , is leather. black leather , very tough leather. leather harnesses everywhere on the runway from bcbg, to jason wu , known for dressing the first lady. went very tough girl f you're looking for a way to bring your bad side girl out i think you will be happy shopping this spring . if you're wondering what colors will be big this spring , think about black and white worn together. we're seeing incredibly beautiful black and white patterns, gold stripes at marc jacobs . victoria beckham did beautiful black and white combinations. alexander wang did his entire collection in black and white . what's different is that you're not just wearing a white piece atop a black piece but mixing up black and white in one garment. it's really chic. by the way, super easy to wear. if you haven't bought a suit in a few years, you're probably going to want to do that this spring . suits are a big trend. suits in stripes and bright colors, with cutouts and floral patterns. suits are interesting and they're popping up everywhere from victoria beckham to jason wu . the trick is don't go too basic. and, p.s., it can be a pant suit , skirt suit and it can especially be a short suit. they really have become incredibly wearable looks. designers believe in them and i think you can do it.

>> i love the look of spring already. cindy levie is here to show us how to pull off the new spring trend. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let's start with leather. you did see a lot of leather on the runway. usually we don't think of it as a spring fabric.

>> not at all.

>> dressing it up.

>> it's out there. this is a lighter leather. it's not really heavy. you don't feel like you're wearing a winter coat. jason wu and a lot of other places we saw it. we wanted to show you how you can pull it together at any price range. let's bring it our first model, ashley.

>> glamour staffer, looking fantastic today. what's great about this leather skirt which, by the way, is faux. there is a lot of faux leather out there that looks fantastic. we paired it with lace. i love that leather and lace combination. it looks really sophisticated. the fact that it's pale makes it feel not too, too edgy. you could take and wear this on a weekend with little flats or sandals and a t-shirt. it could be a knock-around skirt.

>> and you could wear it in the fall.

>> leather leggings are another great piece. wear that all year round.

>> leather leggings?

>> for real. i'm a big fan .

>> next color ombo of the season. alexander wang did everything black and white .

>> it's not really a color combo. we all have black and white pieces in our closet but how the designer shows them and how you see lisa wearing them here is in two black and white patterns mixed. a lot of women are nervous about pattern mixing and fashion magazines are always saying do it, do it, do it. this is a great way to start. black and white is a safer, more conservative palate.

>> do you think that works on any size?

>> if the pattern is small on the area you're trying to minimize, that's the best. a top like this with big wide stripes is really flattering on almost anybody. you can take this top, put it with a big skirt for a dressier look. incredibly versatile.

>> it's a great top. lisa, thank you. finally, the spring suit. you'll see a lighter, more fun version of the classic.

>> absolutely. we all have skirt suits and pant suits. what we're really into at glamour, believe it or not, is the short suit. i love this look. this is something that probably a lot of women don't already have in their closet. you could wear these pieces separately. they're super versatile. i love how they look together for the office. i think she looks incredibly promotable.

>> she does.

>> if your going to try this look, by the way, notice her shoes are polished flats. you don't want to go with a high heel with shorts. that is a tricky look to be able to pull off. also you don't want to go with a really casual sneaker for the office, too casual.

>> i'm not doing the shorts. i can do capris.

>> you can absolutely do capris. right now it's a great thing to invest in the suit. the corals, beautiful brights look good on everybody's skin tone. it's refreshing to see suits. it's been a while on the runway.

>> cindy levie, i know you're in fashion week as well. enjoy it. ladies, come on