TODAY   |  February 13, 2013

Score amazing deals on shawls, jewelry

TODAY contributor Jill Martin unveils her latest Steals and Deals, including fringed lamb’s wool shawls, gift cards from, espresso makers, and monogrammed necklaces.

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>>> "today" contributor and contributing editor for people style watch, jill martin is back to take us through incredible offers. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> great ideas for valentine's day. going to get there a little bit late. let's get started.

>> it's always nice to buy yourself a gift. everyone loves a deal. everything has been selling out so quickly.

>> let's start then.

>> beautiful wraps by portolano.

>> we see our little ladies are modeling them right now wrapped all different ways, $120, made of 100% lamb's wool. you see the fringe edges, beautiful. choice of seven colors. one size fits all. you dry clean only i want to say before you buy it. retail $120. the deal $36. that's 70% off.

>> these are great. they're so big they could even be a throw if you want.

>> and just a great gift also if you want to load up on those.

>>> skin essentials three-piece system from pure attitude. tell us about that.

>> really rich feeling. i have to open this up for you so that you can feel it. retail is $144. it's a three-piece system that includes full-sized six weeks supply, probably last you longer, purifying rice face wash , moisturizer and multieffects i cream, dermatologist tested and approved. retail $144. $34.50, that's 76% off.

>> i love this. it's a gel moisturizing cream, which is nice for your face because then if you're oily or prone to breakouts, that's good.

>> they look good. i always like the way they look when they're sitting in your bathroom.

>> great packaging.

>> yeah.

>> we've got gift cards from which means how many different kinds of restaurants you can use them for, right?

>> over 18,000 restaurants to check out nationwide. retail for this is $300. you go online, print out this $300 voucher or different denominations. you don't have to do it all at once. go to these 18,000 restaurants. you have to check each one to see what the limits are, is alcohol included and tip is not included. 25, 100, 50. you can give them as gifts. print them out. each purchase, a portion of it will go to the american cancer society .

>> oh, great.

>> this is really, really nice. so the retail , you spend $300 is what you get. the deal is $40.

>> wow!

>> $300 worth. 87% off. this is a great deal. one per customer. know that when you go on. this is major. sunny is eyeing this one.

>> oh, yeah. okay.

>> over here now, this is another major deal. this is a first for us, too. great delonghi espresso maker.

>> retail $250. number one brand in the world for espresso maker. single serve system, cappuccino, ice drink, lattes. you see the 12 little pods down there. retail is $250. the deal is $75. that's 70% off. this is great for entertaining and also if you don't want to make a full pot if it's just you. everybody can sort of pick their flavor. i like the way it looks.

>> up in my office, this would be great. little espresso, cappuccino.

>> last, but not least little beautiful monogrammed necklaces.

>> i love how beautiful these are.

>> by golden thread.

>> personalized 14 karat gold. on a 30" chain. it's a little bit longer. can choose one or three initials. been featured in people and people style watch and handmade in the u.s. retail $155. the deal $47, 70% off. another great gift post valentine's day because every day should be valentine's day.

>> no reason you can't get it for yourself.

>> i love that.

>> jill martin, thank you. again, let's remind you what the products are. wrap from portolano, skin essentials kit from pur attitude, gift cards , delonghi espresso order and the monogrammed necklace from golden thread.