TODAY   |  February 13, 2013

Steve Harvey gives Valentine’s Day advice

The talk-show host, who is halfway through a week-long celebration of love on “Steve Harvey,” gives his tips on the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and answers viewers’ questions about the holiday of love.

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>>> val entine's day is tomorrow. if you need a little help in the romance department, we've got the guy for the job. celebrating love all week on his talk show and sharing very personal details.

>>> when i'm with my wife and it gets real sexy, i apply -- i apply the baby oil with my lips. whoo! everybody say baby oil .

>> where is the line, huh? where is the line? steve harvey .

>> pretty safe for daytime.

>> that's not too bad, right is this.

>> i'm making the adjustments for daytime tv . i always thought i was going to be a nighttime guy.

>> you have a knack for this. by the way, apologies. we were going to be with you last week in chicago and the weather kind of kept us here.

>> that's okay.

>> but i watch you and i love the fact there's this great combination, a lot of humor on the show.

>> yeah.

>> every once in a while you share something deeply personal. is it hard?

>> well, i mean, not really. you know, people think that comedians are these guys that are on 24/7. and that's not true. i'm on when i'm on. but when i'm off, i'm a guy like everybody else . i have a wife. i have a family that comes with some drama and i've got to go home and deal with it. and i can't laugh at everything.

>> when you deal with it and when you share experiences from your own life, i think you and your wife combined, seven kids, is that right?

>> yeah.

>> do you ever go home and do they ever say dad or your wife ever say, steve , take it on the other side of the line, maybe don't share so much?

>> the kids say that all the time. but then i remind kids that they go to the mall and they shop and since you're not going to write any jokes you're going to have to at least be one of the jokes.

>> how do they usually take that news?

>> i don't care how they take that. they're eating and they have a roof over their head so you have to help dad out a little bit.

>> there was a moment on the show, i think it was your birthday, actually, and you were surprised on the show by some special guests. you're rolling your eyes, but this is real steve harvey . just set it up for me, okay?

>> well, it was my birthday. they surprised me. there was a guy that helped me out when i was really, really down and out. man, i had nothing. this guy took me up in cleveland at a furniture store.

>> i called you to wish you happy birthday and called to ask you one question. do you still love me baby?

>> and you really got broken up by this.

>> yeah.

>> just took you back? took you back to a different place or was it just this emotional connection with that guy?

>> you know, it was -- it was this guy, you know, who i remember -- who i have been looking for for a long time.

>> you tried to get in touch with him?

>> the last time i saw him, he had black hair . when he first came on the screen, i almost didn't recognize him. and he was -- him and his wife helped me out so much. i mean, you know, man, look. people give me free dinners now, walk in a restaurant, i get the best table. but, i mean, man, when -- i don't need that. when i needed it, no one helped me, but this guy right here.

>> it was such a real moment and that is, i think, what is the formula for success especially on a daytime afternoon talk show , with someone who can be real like that. i thought it was great. let's do this. it's love week, as we mentioned, on your show and everywhere.

>> all week long.

>> valentine's day tomorrow. some people out on the plaza, steve , and since you are the master of love, they would like some advice. debbie from queens, do you have a question for steve ?

>> yes, i do. steve , i wanted to know on valentine's day the focus is usually on being the sweetheart being the woman. what do you think the best gift would be for a man?

>> the best gift for a man?

>> yeah.

>> and the best way to spend valentine's day.

>> well, there's one sure gift that we all like.

>> careful. careful.

>> as long as you're willing to participate in that, we're pretty much happy. but it's a woman's day. enjoy being, you know, indulged and taken care of and caressed. it's a woman's day. all you've got to do at the end of the day is just be there. and we pretty much take it from there.

>> sounds great.

>> debbie, thanks for your question. steve , we've got derek from portland, new york, i believe, actually. what's your question for steve ?

>> steve , my question is, i'm in a new relationship. started dating around christmas and i'm wondering what i can do to keep the relationship strong and healthy.

>> you just started dating at christmas?

>> yeah.

>> you already need to keep it strong and healthy?

>> well, i would like to.

>> probably should be at its absolute hottest right now.

>> it is.

>> it's probably smoking right now. just hold it steady right there. just hold it steady right there. any more and you'll lose your mind. trust me when i tell you this. go and drop off a little bit, that's when you call me. right now, two months in, doing real good. real good.

>> awesome. thank you.

>> derek, thank you. thank you very much.

>> next --

>> how to keep it hot for two months. what?

>> two-month relationship. now pam and scott, 27 years of marriage under their belt and they've got a question for you. go ahead, guys.

>> hi. we want to know how we can keep our second 20 years strong or even my parents have been married 65 years. how do they keep going strong ?

>> well, i say this to all guys. just remember there's an old song out there. the same thing it took to get your baby hooked, it's going to take the same thing to keep 'em. if you survived 20 years, you're approaching a record for most marriages. so just do whatever you've been doing and stay fresh. just keep it sexy. see that little hat you got on right there? work it into the nighttime festivities. yeah.

>> thank you for your question. let's stop right there, steve .

>>> check your local listings. he is going to co-host our 8:00 and 9:00 hours on monday. we look forward to that. we're back after your local news.

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