TODAY   |  February 13, 2013

February 13, 2013

TODAY’s Willard Scott sends birthday wishes to special TODAY viewers.

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>> check in with uncle willie scott down in fla.

>> beautiful southwest florida , that's where we are, south seas island resort , one of the great spots. tough job, but somebody had to do it. they sent me. here we are. nicholas chase, take a look. happy birthday to you. 100 years old today. he loves to play the piano. friends come over and sing songs like "nobody can love me like my old tomato can." remember that song? inez, you're beautiful, giles, st. louis, missouri. 104 years old today and a fancy dresser. when she walks down the street, everybody turns her head because she is nothing but gorgeous. take a look. this happens about twice a year on my show. cleo & clifford, we are so happy. twins and they are celebrating their 100th birthday . hawthorne boys they call them. cleo says a glafs milk every day will keep you healthy and happy. and clifford still farms. can't beat that.

>>> minnie siegel. there's a beautiful woman. loves playing canasta with her friends and has a good time in her life. alfred wright, cincinnati, ohio. one of the great towns in america. 103. he is known as bud. everybody calls him bud because he's everybody's buddy. you can't beat that.

>>> ina cook, clemmons, north carolina . they have cookies that are delicious. 108 years old today. loves western movies . watches them all. take a look at pauline fromkin, long branch, new jersey. cocktail every night keeps you happy. let's go back to happiville, new york, with the gang.

>> willard, thank you very much.