TODAY   |  February 13, 2013

Dance sensation Harlem Shake takes over Internet

Move over, PSY and Carly Rae Jepsen: There’s a new video craze that has exploded online. The Harlem Shake involves massive dance parties breaking out to a catchy beat seemingly out of nowhere. TODAY’s Matt Lauer reports, and the TODAY anchors and staff show off their Shake skills.

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>>> has take n over the internet. it is the harlem shake .

>> that's right, savannah. 12,000 posts for a combined 44 million hits, there seems to be no stopping this dance sensation. first everyone was asking you to call them maybe so call me maybe then it was all about their gangnam style. now it's time for the harlem shake . it's the latest musical movement sweeping the web. how does it work? for the first 15 seconds it begins with one person usually wearing a helmet or mask dancing crazy to this catchy beat while everyone around them minds their own business. then, seemingly out of nowhere, a massive dance party breaks out. everyone doing the harlem shake .

>> it's definitely getting the momentum of the youtube superstars, which are the "call me maybe" parodies and "gangnam style" parody. it's not a parody trend necessarily as much as it is a bunch of people making their own versions of this video.

>> in the last few days, harlem shake videos posted by families. soldiers, our friends, ryan seacrest and jimmy fallon with his late-night crew and even snoopy and the peanuts gang. just the latest craze in a culture of videos gone viral. so raise your hand if you had heard about this before yesterday when they --

>> no.

>> no.

>> when they dragged us all -- no, savannah?

>> we did it in trend iing. nobody listens. we did it like monday in trending.

>> savannah, have you browsed the internet a little bit and seen the versions out there?

>> i have done a lot of extensive internet research just to prepare for this segment and to think about what i wanted to bring to the harlem shake . yeah, i love it. it's great. it's very catchy.

>> it is catchy. really, the most important -- there's the peanuts version.

>> my favorite one right there.

>> the most important role that can be played is that of the instigator.

>> yes.

>> that's where we caught you at, mr. geist.

>> also gets to wear identity-concealing head gear, which is why i volunteered.

>> we just thought you were creepy.

>> 7'3" guy dancing.

>> why did you take your jacket off?

>> why did a take my jacket off?

>> look at savannah, even though she's miles away , not too bad.

>> look at roker. this is the best part. wait. watch. right here. right here. you do the real shake.

>> every time a bell rings, i put them on.

>> meanwhile, there's one version of the harlem shake that i think is the best one out there. ready to see that one? this one is called the last harlem shake .

>> i was waiting for it.

>> there's always some guy who senses when --

>> it's over. we ended it.

>> we almost did that to you.