TODAY   |  February 13, 2013

Honk honk! DC beats LA as city with worst traffic

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talk all things traffic, from driving etiquette to California driver stereotypes to what your driving style says about you.  

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>> here and we love it. the crowd. it keeps getting better and better. you are so much better than the last crowd. how are you?

>> wines day wednesday. you knew that. this is a lunar -- this is from the sonoma wine garden.

>> what do you think? do you like it?

>> you don't?

>> that tastes so good. really nice.

>> hold on. everyone's got signs. we have been so excited about the signs you bring. they keep improving. welcome to hodywood. i want to draw attention to the woman in the back. she has been here the last three days and never goes home.

>> i don't understand her sign.

>> i like it. it's a monkey. we like it, it looks cute.

>> a precious baby over here who said i'm spending today with my mommy.

>> slim pickings. someone is getting a mug. somebody is getting that mug. they just took another poll recently and they talked about which city in america has the worst commute, the worst traffic. you guys did not win. everybody in california constantly complains about how much time you spend on the road. washington , d.c. i think was the city that won. hoda?

>> number two is the d.c. area. three is san francisco and l.a. is the second worst traffic.

>> so why is it washington , d.c. ? i think it's washington , d.c.

>> it's not great traffic and i'm not used to it. in new york it's easy to walk from place to place. now we understand about what you all call the 405. what you guys call the 101. and the 10. the 10. they had this great snl sketch. what's is called? californians. oh, my god. i didn't get it until i saw this skit. take a look, you guys.

>> what are you doing with rosa?

>> i was teaching her some english free of charge.

>> she works for me. don't you get it. don't you get enough action from malibu county?

>> i was leaving anyway. i was going to take cold water canyon and riverside drive and get on van nuys and hop on the 101 to tarzana.

>> do it then. get on the 101 and skip all the exits and never come back.

>> so there is no traffic on the 101?

>> not what i'm talking about. get out of here.

>> so get on the 405?

>> get in the car and go.

>> all right. get on the 405.

>> apparently you guys spend around 61 hours a year in your car. 2 1/ 2 days . sometimes it feels like a week to get somewhere.

>> i get weird road rage and it gets ugly. i had a couple of bad brushes. i don't like when i wait in line for a toll and i'm polite waiting and someone cuts in and puts their blinker up. past everybody.

>> unless you are having a baby, don't do that around hoda.

>> the guy was inching and we were playing the game of chicken.

>> hoda --

>> i keep going until --

>> her chicken was the bird. have you guys ever done that in traffic?

>> i don't recommend it.

>> some people do it. kathie lee and i took a driving quiz to find out what our driving says about us. this is what kathie lee 's answers show. hers say you are a polite driver. a calm and peaceful person. you realize arguments are temporary and try to give people the benefit of the doubt . you have respect for authority figures and feel rules and enforcement are important and make sure you are doing the right thing at ought times.

>> let me read about hoda.

>> you are a mostly polite driver. you are laid back, but can't help but feel jealous and competitive sometimes. you have mixed feelings about figures of authority and somewhat focused and can be scatter brained. maybe it's the radio and distractions can get you in trouble.

>> i know.

>> we have ways to entertain yourself while you are sitting in traffic no matter what freeway. some suggest you sing along with the radio. top of the lungs with your windows down and wave at other people and see if they wave back. i'm not kidding.

>> you know what we say to the kids. we used to get the attention of the person next to us and turn the other way and wave. the other thing we used to do is sit in the back of the station wagon . remember the seats that faced out the back and pretend like we were punching something and the people behind would be like what is wrong with those kids? we thought it was hysterical.

>> one thing you can do instead is stare up in the sky with horror in your eyes. enough of that in the world. make a sign that said honk if you have to pee. what's more fun than that. who made this up? let's move on.

>> not working. you guys have gone to the gym and we talk about gym etiquette and how this works. i had this thing yesterday where people get dressed while they are speaking to you. they are naked and say hey, how's everything at the show. i never know what to do. the instinct is to try to stare at their eyes and the other is you can't help but compare. you are like wow.

>> if something is not exactly symmetrical.

>> no one is.

>> you have a bigger side and smaller side.

>> if one is hanging low and one is perky. you know who you are.

>> i can't help but compare even though you don't mean to. who looked at other women's boobs before? you say oh, my god, she looks my age and hers are up and mine are down.

>> absolutely.

>> you feel insecure.

>> i try to do it discreetly.

>> when i get out of the shower i'm bundled up and i have my towel like this.

>> how many of you don't mind walking around the gym naked? you are a naked? really? double mastectomy, you go, girl.

>> you have a reason. good for you.

>> we are going to choose our creative sign of the day. seriously.

>> well, you know what, she has been here three shows. would someone please bring this woman from the back. please bring her up here.

>> let's send the monk to her.

>> we pointed out on the first show, we didn't give away a mug. you know what we gave away. a car. a toyota rav 4. come on up and take a mug.

>> what else?

>> we have a big show coming up. kathie lee gifford and chelsea handler . they are in a smack down fight. honestly. congratulations. thank you. here's your mug.

>> thank you.

>> thank you for being here with us the last three days. i have no idea if we are out of time, but if everything else doesn't work, joanna swears --