TODAY   |  February 13, 2013

Tech on the beach: A waterproof tablet and more

Brooke Lee of gives the scoop on all the best products for sun, sand and travel -- everything from a waterproof tablet case to a portable cabana.

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>> oh, no. you are here in sunny santa monica place just gearing up for spring break. there lots of goodies and gadgets that can spice up your fun in the sun.

>> you know who is here?

>> i don't.

>> brooke lee from mommy loves

>> all this fun stuff.

>> you are in the sun and running out of batteries. this harnesses the sun into your phone. it's solar powered .

>> this is california, hoda.

>> you have sun, you have power.

>> until you can charge it.

>> all your things. $99. a great buy. this is great. it's vacuum packed. go ahead and dunk it.

>> whose is it?

>> doesn't matter. dunk it. now you take it out and it's fine.

>> how do you know?

>> i can take a picture of you right there.

>> how do we look. not good.

>> talk about who wants to dunk next?

>> i will dunk it. i didn't buy it.

>> you put your mp3 in there and dunk it.

>> i would never put my phone in there.

>> do it.

>> no!

>> $150. $50. it's great.

>> we like it. trust me. it works.

>> i think we ruined my watch.

>> this is $89.

>> my watch went in.

>> the cooler and part radio. you keep your things cool and tunes hot. this is a radio and mp3 player . inside you keep your drinks cool. ladies. water is filtered through the filter right here. never run out again. as long as you have a tap, you have filtered water.

>> i love water. we will talk about that.

>> this i think you will like. this is elegant. you stick it right into the bottom. it's all and elegant and the bottle holder.

>> i like that.

>> right here in front of you. great gift. now speaking of gifts for the young at heart , this is like a ring toss. i would make you do it, but we don't want to hurt each other.

>> it's like a sword.

>> you toss it back and forth.

>> we got it. i will do it.

>> that was close.

>> i got it.

>> so far this game is not fun.

>> $20 and you catch it, see? there you go.

>> you have to get used to it. last one.

>> here we go. it gets dangerous. now you are done with your vacation and have all your photos. the easiest ap that you can use is called familiar. you download the ap and put your photos on it and you send it instantly to all of your phones on their smart phones and computers. familiar. it's a free ap . all you need to remember. free ap . this is going to shock you. this is called a shack. $49.99 at amazon. step back. it could get dangerous.

>> i don't know what it is, but i want it.

>> look how small it was and how big it gets.

>> instant cabana. 49.99. this little tiny bag. isn't that great?

>> you are welcome.