TODAY   |  February 13, 2013

Who knew? Only one of the Beach Boys could surf

Lynn Garrett, founder of the website Hidden L.A., tests the audience’s knowledge of all things Hollywood, from Beach Boys trivia to how much it costs to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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>>> this is the home of all things hollywood , but things you may not know about this particular definition. kathie lee is out in the crowd for $100 for those who get the answers right. if you don't, you get kathie lee 's cd and my book. losers get that stuff. ready to help me out here in l.a. is the founder of the website hidden l.a., lynn garrett. are you ready?

>> so ready.

>> do your thing.

>> look at this darling guy from sydney, australia. g' day mate. how many members of the band actually surfed. all of them, one, two, or three of them.

>> i reckon all of them would have to have surfed at one point.

>> you would be wrong.

>> you are going to love this. we are so big in australia. here you go. the correct answer is only one surfed.

>> only one. only brian wilson . dennis wilson actually. dennis was a surfer. the band was 1961 and they were teenagers and he thought they should write a song about his favorite hobby and the kids would like it and they did.

>> she came all the way from san diego . what item was sold on the beaches of santa monica in the 30s. frisbe frisbees, volleyballs, surfboards or tennis rackets?

>> surfboards.

>> no. you would be wrong. it's a good day for me and hoda.

>> frisbees. frisbees were first sold by the inventor and his girlfriend, but they had come a long way because they were called flying cake pans. that's what they were.

>> back in the day. this lady is from camarillo. how much does it cost to get a star on the hollywood walk of fame . $10, $ 1500 , $30,000 or $ 1 million ?

>> $ 1 million ?

>> that are would be worth it. excellent day. the best day ever . the correct answer is $30,000?

>> it's gone up over the years. you have to be nominated and accepted and approve and there is a $30,000 fee for the creation, installation and the upkeep of the star. it's usually not paid by the celebrity, but a fan club or their agent or something.

>> okay. stop flirting.

>> , apparently he and i took a picture 13 years ago, but i don't want to talk about it. true or false, the cob salad was invented by a guy named bob cobb .

>> i'm going to say true. i just bought the book.

>> thank you.

>> you can buy four more with that.

>> his name was bob cobb .

>> mr. cobb was the owner of the brown desh restaurant in hollywood . one night he had a craving and he was in the kitchen at midnight and he came up with a salad and put it on the menu and it's called the cobb salad .

>> i had a new restaurant now, but that story is true. this gentlemen is from frank's adopted hometown of bakersfield. the blinking light on top of the cap toll records spells out what word?

>> i would say all of the above.

>> no. so wrong. not a lot of people know this, but it spells out hollywood . the original then president of capitol record when is they came here in 1956 he wanted it as an advertisement that it was the first record company to have a basis on the west coast .

>> we will wrap it up