TODAY   |  February 13, 2013

Kathie Lee and Chelsea Handler feuding no more

Kathie Lee offers an olive branch to Chelsea Handler as the comedian and talk-show host stops by. The pair had a bit of a feud going after Handler canceled a Fourth Hour appearance at the last minute.

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>> kathie lee and i have a feud going with chelsea handler and it started when she was supposed to be on her show and she canceled. she said she was sick allegedly.

>> i happened to be in her neighborhood and i went by to find out for myself what the story was.

>> what happened?

>> let's say i had my way with her.

>> any time now. is she here? come? ! i'm sorry, you caught me.

>> i want to make up with you.

>> i'm worried about you because i heard you canceled the "today" show. i heard you had food poisoning .

>> that was a lie.

>> she was supposed to show up and she didn't.

>> canceled about an hour and a half before the show.

>> hit her eye on the shower curtain and then she had food poisoning .

>> allegedly.

>> i don't have a good reason so to hoda kotb and kathie lee gifford , i'm sorry.

>> because of my relationship with you, you would be the safest people.

>> hoda is hurt.

>> hoda is very sensitive.

>> she is egyptian.

>> she is always that way.

>> before you met me, you didn't even drink in the morning.

>> it's never too early for a cocktail.

>> did you give you one?

>> ready?

>> did you ever in your wildest dreams think it would come to this?

>> no!

>> i pulled up here for the first day at universal studios and you said miss handler your parking spot is here and i had one of those moments. i got out and some woman went wait! chewy!

>> then i came on stage for the first show and look what my writers put. a jewish star to remind me of my roots.

>> i think that 's wonderful .

>> this is where i stand every day.

>> it's chelsea handler .

>> who has been your favorite guest. your best frens in the world jennifer aniston .

>> jen is say great guest. the best guest ever is probably like will ferrell . so stupid.

>> this is chunk. my chunky.

>> hello chunky.

>> getting the back stage tour. what do you have to say for yourself you big masculine man? i have my refrigerator bar and all my things. chewy's feet are bronzed.

>> this is a lot of different boyfriends.

>> those are friends. i haven't slept with any of those people hardly. this is my closet. chunk again. that's where he goes when he's being filmed.

>> his favorite place to be. is that your mommy's place for you.

>>> you a good baby? how cute can you be.

>> someone is being sexually harassed, they go in there. that place must be rocking all day.

>> there is always someone in that chair. my brother makes lunch for us every day.

>> he does?

>> he's the katerer.

>> how fabulous.

>> i'm all about nepotism.

>> me too.

>> why not.

>> people are like you are not supposed to hire family or friends or sleep with anyone you work with. i disagree with all of those things. whatever is the most convenient.

>> and makes the most people happy. i'm with you.

>> we can agree on something.

>> bonding.

>> it looks like all sweetness and light. she did beg me to stick around and film an episode of her after lately. the new season begins on february 25th . it got ugly.

>> i'm sure it did.