TODAY   |  February 12, 2013

6 last-minute, heartfelt Valentine’s gifts

If you’re not prepared for Valentine’s Day yet, don’t panic – lifestyle expert Brit Morin is here to help. She shows off DIY gifts perfect for showing that special someone how much you care.

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>> we have video of it.

>> uh-oh.

>> this is what happened. i was standing next to you, not less than twoweeks ago and you smashed an egg on my head.

>> it had confetti.

>> and then you brought in tamron.

>> i think she went way harder than i did.

>> i'm worried because we do have eggs in front of us.

>> yes. the first thing is breakfast. right way to kick off the day. we made a hearty breakfast. heart-shape egg, use iing a heart-shaped egg mold here. that's a little bit of protein. if you want to add milk, we customized these straws using cut-out foam hearts, make it cuter for your honey.

>> where do you get the foam hearts?

>> you cut it out of foam. diy. fill it with your own tea. of course, custom diy sugar koo cubes made out of food coloring dyed with plain white sugar kt with cookie cutters. of course, cereal and milk. the love of my life deserves the best cereal ever.

>> you make your own box cover?

>> exactly. i recommend honey bunches of oats is another good one. have fun of with it. take notes here.

>> i need this.

>> first time you can send cannedi and flowers in one.

>> together?

>> yes.

>> good.

>> small face in between and candy on the edges and just start pouring it like this. once you fill up, put your flowers in like this, deliver it to your valentine. sweets for your sweet.

>> you get a little two for one there.

>> exactly. speaking of sweets, chocolate is something that makes valentine's day complete.

>> yes.

>> we've taken your average chocolate bars , snickers, twix, peppermint pattys with rolled-out fruit candies, star burst, airheads. you use your cookie cutter once you roll them out to cut out shapes.

>> do they roll out well?

>> exactly.

>> just like that.

>> just like that. exactly. you need a little bit of powdered sugar to roll it out smooth. top your candy. package it up in this clear wrap, add sprinkles if you like.

>> cut up the candy and top the snickers bar .

>> exactly.

>>> making our own jewelry?

>> we're making our own jewelry. did you notice my bracelet today?

>> did you make that?

>> yes. this is using nothing but this brass wire, stencil or design pliers. you can write words, use hearts. mold the design with the wire. you can see that this one even sticks together using nothing but the wire itself, no clasp needed.

>> you have to have a little art skill.

>> you just follow -- cursive. did you learn that?

>> first she's cracked an egg, now she's cracking on me. twitter handle on there, a little narcissistic?

>> it's a little geeky.

>> don't you want to go buy the card?

>> it's way cooler if you make the card. these will only take you a couple of minutes. don't worry. you can do it. first is a pixel heart, continuing with the geek twitter handle. this has been pinned on pinterest tens of thousands of times. cut out a little heart with scissors. typical first grade pop-up you're used to. we have a deck of playing cards to create king of heart and queen of heart cards. you can give it to your king or queen of hearts .

>> that's a good idea.

>> isn't that fun? across this card here we used a push pin to create holes in a piece of cardstock, embroidery thread and needle to stitch it up. if you want to create your own gift wrap or custom cards, everyone has a pencil.

>> right.

>> we exacto knifed a heart from the pencil eraser. this is an easy way to make a stamp. start stamp iing. you want to give it a try? there you go. keep going.

>> want to see a lot of hearts on that?

>> heart attack . give it to me. look at you.

>> you thought i couldn't do it.

>> your wife will love it.

>> pretty good.

>> super easy. super simple.

>> most of this stuff costs you a couple of bucks shall right?

>> yeah. candy. flowers you might want to splurge on.

>> very cool. thank you so much. always good to talk to you. brit will be guest pinning on our valentine's board today. check out today show . thanks, brit.