TODAY   |  February 12, 2013

Is it time to say goodbye to the landline?

As AT&T customers report landline rate increases of up to 50 percent since 2011, many are wondering if this means the end of the landline. The TODAY anchors, along with Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, chat about this and other hot topics of the day.

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willie geist along with al ro roker, natalie morales and our special guest back with us from the " sports illustrated " swimsuit cover for the second year in a row, kate upton. you're used -- i'm looking at that photo and thinking to myself, you're used to --

>> what are you thinking, willie?

>> i'm going to go to a different place to save myself. they say you're going to an arct arctica.

>> i say have you sure me? i'm from florida. i don't know if we're thinking this through.

>> this is the seven continent shoot. did you draw the short end of the straw on that one?

>> when i heard the theme, such a powerful scene and i was chosen for antarctica.

>> what was your impressions of the weather, the penguins, all that was around you?

>> it was the most beautiful place i've ever been. every time before i took off my coat, i would enjoy just the views and, i mean, the mountains were pink and the water was glass. it looked like little ice cubes were in the water. it was gorgeous.

>> there were a couple of photos throughout this issue of you. how long did it take to do? i'm imaging how cold you are as you're doing it.

>> i could really only do it for a minute and then everyone would come running and they would build me like a little blanket cave, hold me.

>> you are back-to-back, first time that's happened since tyra banks did it in 1997 . can you talk about how it changed your life a year ago and what it means to be back-to-back this time?

>> so amazing i was able to accomplish that. i'm really happy about it. i think, you know, the first year i didn't know what a huge impact it would be on my life. i feel like maybe i'm a little more prepared this year.

>> talk about suffering for your art. you suffered some ill effects like frostbite and other issues once you got back from the shoot.

>> i went all out for this. we went there thinking we might not even get a shot and came back with the cover.

>> you didn't know, but i guess it was leaked originally, i guess on friday,s h is how you found out. does that take the oomph out of it? i guess it's like christmas when you find out. but as the cover girl it got leaked to you.

>> i like to know everything. i was excited. i was able to prepare, get a few more dresses. you know, for girls that's the thing.

>> i'm with you on that. i love that.

>>> we've got a little surprise coming up at the end of this segment. kate is going to turn the tables, shall we say.

>> uh-oh.

>> that's a very vague tease. there might be some blue steel coming out. that was our take one. take two, the end of the landline telephone. at&t customers report rate increases now as much as 50% has a lot of people saying good-bye to the landline. the question is, do you even still have a landline? i don't have one in my home.

>> i just gave up my landline. for a little bit, i didn't even know my apartment offered that, so --

>> i still have one because in the event of a sandy or something like that, if you are completely dependent on cell service, you're going to be out of luck. and, in fact, in our basement we have an old phone -- it's still touch tone. there's still current that runs through the phone line that allows the phones to work.

>> mr. disaster preparedness .

>> red phone .

>> yeah.

>> we'll come over to your place for all our emergency calls .

>> and have a great party because i've got penguins in the basement.

>> finally!

>> it's interesting, because i think this generation of kids -- i don't think they're going to know a landline phone .

>> it's not unlike the u.s. postal service conversation we had last week. there's some kind of nostalgia for the old way of things.

>> part of the problem is that the landline business has been deregulated and now these companies can charge whatever they want. while they're regulated the increases were fairly moderate and they still made a profit. now it's all bets are off.

>> and they just say you're out of luck. we're going to keep raising the rates. take three now is -- i don't know. i guess we're going to call it a breakfast drink. hard to associate mountain dew with breakfast but they're trying. it's called kick start. we've got some of it here. i guess we're going to test drive some of this.

>> yeah.

>> kate , are you a coffee person in the morning?

>> honestly, i can't give up my coffee.

>> okay.

>> but --

>> this has some juice.

>> 5% juice?

>> 5% juice, it's so healthy.

>> 8 0 calories, that's good.

>> a big can like this.

>> pepsi is not calling it an energy drink . this is a breakfast drink. remember that as you drink it down.

>> it's good. it has 92 milligrams of caffeine.

>> which, by the way, in a 16-ounce can is less than a starbucks cup of coffee.

>> that has like 330 milligram.

>> it tastes like mountain dew , oddly enough.

>> oddly, it's made by mountain dew .

>> cherry mountain dew .

>> kate , would you do this in the morning?

>> not in the morning. maybe afternoon.

>> it kind of defeats the purpose. this is kind of a morning drink.

>> but in the afternoon, right?

>> i have a coffee in the afternoon.

>> there you go.

>> mix it into your routine.

>> how about you?

>> i'm not going to do it. thank you for the offer.

>> i like it.

>> do you?

>> it's that 5% juice, you