TODAY   |  February 12, 2013

Brandi Glanville: Eddie and I aren’t speaking

The self-described “filter-free” real housewife of Beverly Hills talks about her new book, “Drinking and Tweeting,” her very public divorce from Eddie Cibrian, who is now married to singer Leann Rimes, and the current status of their relationship.

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>>> you said that was absolutely not true.

>> it is not true.

>> i have proof.

>> and you know it.

>> it is true.

>> you are joking.

>> brandi glanville describes herself as honest and filter free. she's known for speaking her mind on bravo's "the real housewives of beverly hills " as you just see. that clip real quick, was there a little drinking and tweeting going on there as well?

>> yes. absolutely. always.

>> how are you and adrienne do?

>> who?

>> that's how we're going to start, okay. let's talk about the book. you wrote most of it four years ago at a time when your marriage was breaking up. do you regret anything you put in there now that you would like to have out of there if you could do it again?

>> no. i was very angry, obviously, four years ago when i wrote the book. there were things in there that i did take out because i was so mad like, oorks maybe that's too much of a low blow. and also the lawyers had me take some things out as well.

>> obviously, you were mad at your ex-husband, who left you essentially for leann rhymes . among other things you call him a made for tv actor, a pretty face, not a talented actor. i understand and a lot of people would understand why you're angry, but he is the father of your two kids.

>> right.

>> is it appropriate to put that out there in public?

>> you know, i don't know if i do everything that's appropriate in life. the fact of the matter is, that is my opinion and one day all of this will be available for my kids to read and i think what they're going to take away from it is that throughout this entire time, i've never said a bad word about their dad in front of them. they ask if we can go and all move into a house together. i'm like, sure, just talk to your dad.

>> they're going to be at the age soon where they'll see this online and see what you said about their father.

>> not at my house. we have parental controls . they can't google certain things.

>> eventually.

>> eventually, they will, for sure.

>> we reached out to eddie and he gave us a statement. quote, i certainly wish i handled some of the choices i made four years ago differently. but i have been conscious of the choices i have made since. this exploitive book, intended to hurt leann and me will ultimately only hurt and scar my kids. that deeply saddens and concerns me. do you worry about the kids?

>> that's all i worry about. with eddie not working and me having to pay my own bills, this book will help me do that. the fact that, unfortunately, i had to write this book, i have to pay the bills. he's not doing that for me.

>> what's your relationship like with eddie right now?

>> we don't have one now.

>> you don't speak at all?

>> no.

>> you don't see him in the course of dropping the kids off or picking the kids up?

>> no.

>> you did have a relationship not long ago. how did that deteriorate of late?

>> unfortunately, you know, she -- leann went to rehab. and i was very concerned for my children, what was going on over at that house. why that had to happen. and i didn't get any answers. and i got very angry. you know, it's my children's stepmother. so, if she's checking into rehab for stress and anxiety and says she's crying every day, i need to know my kids are okay when they're with them. so that kind of started the ugly back and forth again and, you know, there was a time when we were good. i had them over for easter. it was just them, me and the kids for an easter egg hunt . it's difficult.

>> what are your concerns when your kids are over there, given what you said about leann and eddie ? what do you think is happening there that should concern you?

>> i don't know. if someone is checking into rehab clearly there's some sort of issues going on. i want to make sure that's not affecting my children.

>> you write in the book of leann rhymes , among other things, call her a washed up country singer . child stars are just the worst. throughout their careers no one tells them knno. they think they can take anything they want without repercussions. you're talking, of course, about i don't you are husband. you've had this twitter war. she says she wants to move on and you won't let her.

>> i don't tweet leann . i try to leave them out of my timeline. i really do.

>> do you feel that you and leann will ever have a relationship because of the kids that can be at least stable, something that will help the children?

>> i hope so. i think once leann has a child of her own and understands kind of boundaries and what's okay and what's respectful as far as, you know, being a parent goes that she and i will hopefully be okay. i hope so.

>> do you think this book does anything to forward that relationship?

>> no.

>> how about the relationship with your husband?

>> my husband? i'm not married.

>> your ex-husband, excuse me. excuse me.

>> no.

>> and you're okay with that?

>> i'm okay with that.

>> so are you okay with having no relationship from this moment forward with eddie or leann ?

>> i haven't had a relationship with them for probably over a year. do i want to be at mason's high school graduation and be able to sit next to them? i do, absolutely. they've done numerous sit-down interviews where they've told their side of the story over and over and over again. i never did. this is my sit-down interview. i put it in the form of a book. this is my story, my truth. here you go. when this book tour is done, i'm done talking about them completely, in public, not on twitter, nothing. this is my side. this is my last chapter when it comes to talking about them publicly.

>> the book is very tough in some places, very funny in a lot of other places. your fans are going to love it. brandi glanville, the book is "drinking, tweeting and other brandi blunders." thank