TODAY   |  February 12, 2013

Amazing full-court bounce shot only scores 2 points

Colorado high school basketball player Anna Olsen made a jaw-dropping shot, launching the ball all the way across the court into a big bounce and sinking a perfect basket. But because of the bounce, she only scored 2 points with the spectacular shot.

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>>> and if anyone ever accuses you of throwing like a girl, just show them this. colorado high schooler anna olson shot this basket, launching the ball all the way across the court, big bounce and nothing but net. don't want to know how you score that, but i guess she only got two points because of that bounce. doesn't seem fair, though. creative shot. pretty good. yeah, very good.

>> it's a two-pointer because it bounced.

>> it bounced before it went in, right.

>> paging lynn berman. we'll see that again.