TODAY   |  February 12, 2013

Happy Fat Tuesday! KLG, Hoda celebrate Mardi Gras

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are letting the good times roll in Santa Monica as Mardi Gras rocks New Orleans.  They pick some of their favorite signs from the audience and share photographs in which viewers show how they define love.

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>> fat booze day tuesday to us.

>> it is. i always spend -- i try to spend mardi gras in new orleans , but i have to say this is not a shabby place to spend mardi gras . we have some beads. do you all want some beads? come on. we got beads right here for you. she lost an eye, but she's fine. yeah, baby. i'm not finisheded yet. there's still more to give. oh, yes. yes. oh, oh. oh. i got the last two big ones . in the cheap seats, baby. all right. you guys happy mardi gras .

>> it's an old-fashioned --

>> i like your hat.

>> thanks.

>> oh, thank you.

>> problem apparently with me.

>> so it is fat tuesday, and it's fat tuesday for a couple of reasons. one, kathie lee and me feel incredibly bloated. we did. we ate our way.

>> we ate our way across los angeles the other day with our dear friend curry stone, the top chef .

>> i promise you, we went to every restaurant. we went to that shushi place called catsuya. the sushi was crazy. we just kept eating.

>> tacos.

>> we couldn't fit into our spanx. we hate ourselves.

>> it gives new meaning to fat tuesday. it just does. that's not going to stop us from continuing the tour. what are we having, hode?

>> we are having a pom granite margarita for mardi gras .

>> children, closure eyes and your ears. it's good for your sex life .

>> they call it fat tuesday. you guys wonder why they call it fat tuesday?

>> it's a great story.

>> there's an ancient custom that comes from parading around a fat ox around paris.

>> which in our politically correct world you're not supposed to call nebraska a fat ox, but they did it. right around paris where everybody was so skinny. that was supposed to remind people that they're not to eat meat during lent.

>> is that the point?

>> this is a religious holiday , hoda.

>> i thought it was for drinking and showing off your you know whats, but i lived in new orleans for many years, and i have seen many a mardi gras , and i saw a lot of you know whats, but it's not just celebrate in new orleans . they celebrate it in biloxi, mess miss, and around the world in different places. in rio de janeiro and belgium. sdoo and also today in santa monica .

>> yeah. you guys, we're noticing some very, very cool signs out in the audience. there's a sign right there in the back where two happy faces peeking right through. we are looking for your sign as we do our chat. we're talking and listening and looking for your sign. we're going to pick our favorite sign, and then you're going to get a present, and we don't know what it is because we didn't bring any gifts with us. it will be something on the table. you can have. there is something -- there's a mardi gras tradition called the king cake .

>> hoda didn't know about it.

>> i did know.

>> all those years in -- come on. all those years in new orleans .

>> there's a baby in the king cake , and whoever gets the baby has to buy the next king cake .

>> baby jesus . she didn't understand that.

>> i don't like tearing it up. i'll hold it. you tear it up. go. get involved. whoever gets the baby has to buy the next king cake . be gentle because i like the -- oh, oh, oh.

>> can you -- you know what, we're going to need some help from the audience i think with this.

>> look what you can do.

>> i found the baby.

>> you did? you did?

>> it's baby jesus .

>> you get to buy the next king cake .

>> i don't want to. all the years we've been doing this i have never found the baby.

>> it's such a great adventure.

>> it's a sign. of what i don't know, but -- okay. let's continue the show.

>> all right, you guys. anyway, is my mike really not working anymore, guys?

>> no, it's not. it's not working. you can use that one. we're talking about jet lag because we flew from new york to l.a.

>> go ahead. keep talking . i'm in show business . the show goes on. the show goes on. keep talking , hoda.

>> all right. jet lag is one of those -- oh, god.

>> just don't call attention to it. nobody notices.

>> disgusting.

>> i got it under my nails too. wait, wait, wait.

>> oh. i knew you ruined a perfectly good drink. you're sick. you are gross. forget it. forget about jet lag . we fly across the country and you get tired. what we found out is people in l.a. are different from new york . the coasts are completely different, as you guys know. one of the ways people are different is in the way they speak. we're getting the hang of it. we're learning and listen, but there's some interesting tape, and this nutshells how people in l.a. talk. let's take a listen.

>> take mountain.

>> just take pass.

>> take the 5 to the 605 to the 210 and the 134 to 101.

>> can you believe it's january?

>> you look so skinny.

>> do you have almond milk ?

>> gogi berry.

>> i love kale.

>> do you have neglect organic?

>> this is why i only drink intensa coffee.

>> this is why i drink coconut water .

>> i love new york , but i would never want to live there.

>> why do i never go to the beach when it's right there?

>> i have been craving this for days.

>> grilled cheese animal style and fries animal style .

>> i love in and out.

>> i just had a juice are.

>> i sat next to jack nicholson at the lakers dame.

>> there's david spade .

>> i know him.

>> i think he is on "dexter" or something. whatever.

>> wow.

>> i used to live out here years ago, and i lived in the valley, and they never spoke like an idiot.

>> and my god. i like that kind of valley girl talk. do you?

>> for an egyptian, you come naturally to it, hoda. you really do.

>> i was born in oklahoma.

>> but you started out -- your roots are in cairo. the san fernando valley .

>> let's talk about love because it is -- valentine's day, we're knocking on the door. how would you define love? we went on our klg and page, and we asked people to send in pictures of what they thought love was.

>> love is different. two different people.

>> here is one of the pictures.

>> is that the one --

>> the one with the two little kids? it is such a beautiful shot. oh, no. this is two people. they said these people categorize love as endless.

>> knee been married a long, long time. scloo they're really adorable.

>> then there was a beautiful picture. ruth cramer.

>> good one.

>> 75 years old. yep, yep. what's up now?

>> here's the little kids.

>> that's dana creek and she says love is capturing the moment that defines us as parents. i would agree with that.

>> here's kathie lee 's definition of love. she's with one of the guys that works --

>> i am spanking him and it's called love is no accident. that happens to be kyle miller , who is the sweetest kid in the whole world.

>> he is like roger straight arrow. let's see your signs, you guys. i wish we could get up and pick a sign.

>> i can't, hoda. there's a reason for it.

>> stay here. stay here. stay.

>> i love this one. two grammys from oklahoma.

>> let's get a shop.

>> our husbands think we're at the grocery store.

>> that's the three girls right in the front row .

>> i love hoda, i love wine.

>> how about the back. happy hour.

>> sorry.

>> wait. she's the hoda to my kathie lee . she's the kathie lee to my hoda.

>> i like that too. i drank every day on my cruise for you. isn't that sweet?

>> that is sweet. look over here. wait. look at this monkey. mr. giggles.

>> what's he trying to say?

>> i don't know. it's a little weird, but i'm liking it a lot.

>> the winner is you guys. come here. come on up. come on up. what can we give them?

>> let's give them --

>> there's only one mug.

>> congratulations.

>> not that drink. it's your drink.

>> no, it's --

>> don't drink that drink.

>> it's delicious.

>> what are your names?

>> dustin.

>> what's your name?

>> kia.

>> you guys, you're very creative. let's get a good shot.