TODAY   |  February 12, 2013

Sports Illustrated beauties model swimsuit trends

Over 18 million readers of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition are women, so this year’s issue features a swimsuit style guide. MJ Day of Sports Illustrated talks about the trends and the magazine’s models show off stylish suits.

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>>> did you know that more than 18 million readers of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue are women? with that in mind they put together a style guide with top trends you'll need to know once the weather heats up. swimsuit editor, brought along four of the models featured in this swimsuit issue. we had kate upton. now we have more swimsuit models. these are trends in swimsuits. any big themes this year?

>> definitely lots of trends this year. we have them all in our magazine.

>> let's start with what you're calling a serial asian.

>> this is a nod to our location where we shot in china. wanted something special to represent it. it's a subtle and muted palate. a ruched top and shaped cup that enhances and gives you a little help.

>> let me walk over and talk to jess. you are half chinese but had never been to china before. how was going there for the shoot? was it cool?

>> it's incredible. my mom is from hong congress. i had been to shanghai before but to see the way the people live was amazing and to be able to climb toes incredible rice patti fields, insane.

>> life -- opportunity of a lifetime.

>> boho chic is one of the most wearable trends out there right now. it exudes a casual coolness. this is by american eagle that nina is wearing. it's a corseted bender top that gives more coverage on top than your standard two piece but also really enhances, shapes and lifts.

>> i have to ask nina about her shoot. did i hear you had a little fall before the shoot?

>> i had a small accident. it turned out to be a fupny story now but wasn't fun back then.

>> you had a little gash in your chin?

>> i have a scar somewhere. i had a tiny little fall in australia.

>> you can't tell at all. the pictures look great. thank you for showing us this trend, miss nina . let's talk about jewel trends, which is our next trend.

>> my goodness. jewel tones, beautiful, rich, luxurious color that is sophisticated but also very wearable trend. you can go for color. it can be very vibrant, but it also is -- it's a comfortable thing. it's your black. it's your black for the summer.

>> a lot of people feel like color is more flattering.

>> i think it is. it's very rich. it's very flattering. the great thing about this suit, it has a skirt. if you don't like your thighs, try a skirt. it's really liberating.

>> our thighs might look a little different than adora's. where was your shoot?

>> i was in nibia. i i wasn't expecting it to be so cooled koeld.

>> what did you do, run in between takes and put a blanket around you?

>> oh, yeah.

>> it's a beautiful picture. thank you. we appreciate it. last, but not least, we have a trend you're calling sexy spanish.

>> julie is wearing a suit by american apparel . it's a one piece, but more like a fun piece. laces everywhere. it's on everything, so why not a swim suit ? this is definitely a more modest piece but with a high-cut leg. you don't feel matronly at all in it.

>> you went to spain for this? i think we have a shot of you and a matador.

>> oh, yeah.

>> did you get some good shots while you were there?

>> a true artist of how he performs.

>> thank you so much. let's have all of our models come out one more time. take a look.

>> about 18 million female readers. they took it up. they like to see what we're shooting, how the girls look and i think they get inspired by it.

>> at least it will get us to the gym. thank you so much. thanks to all of our models, too.