TODAY   |  February 12, 2013

Kate Upton: I got frostbite during swimsuit shoot

The model chats about landing her second Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover in a row, saying the shoot in Antarctica was “freezing” and talking about how Sports Illustrated “really launched” her modeling career.

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>>> always one of the year's most anticipated magazines. it hits the newsstands today. for the second year in a row, kate upton is featured on the cover. kate joins us live in the studio. kate , good morning. how are you?

>> great.

>> you shot this in apart arctica?

>> yes. i was very surprised by the news that that was where my shoot was going to be located.

>> they were good enough to give you a parka to wear, and nothing else.

>> there's a reason they don't shoot men's swimsuit issues in the antarctica.

>> oh, for crying out loud!

>> really?

>> give you a lot of credit for doing that.

>> geez.

>> only because you guys couldn't handle it.

>> what was it like?

>> it was freeze iing. i'm from florida. so, it wasn't great for me. obviously, the pictures now, it's incredible. i can't believe we were all able to accomplish that.

>> here you are, back to back, covered, joining company like tyra banks , elle mcpherson , who also had more than one cover. does that mean a lot to you?

>> it does, especially with " sports illustrated ." they're able to bring girls to all seven continents.

>> did they have to air brush out the goosebumps?

>> i was thinking warm thoughts .

>> you tweeted you had frostbite for months after, right?

>> it was quite the -- when i came back, i was like losing hearing and eyesight because my body was shutting down, it was working so hard to keep me warm.

>> when that's happening, do you think maybe this wasn't such a great idea?

>> especially when my mom's in my ear saying, i told you not to go there. it's a bad idea.

>> after you were on the cover last year, did you notice a major difference in the kind of attention you were getting, the kind of jobs you were being offered?

>> " sports illustrated " really launched my career and i have a lot to thank them for.

>> super bowl ad for mercedes most recently. what's next for you?

>> well, i mean, i feel like i'm on the top right now. i'm really excited. just want to enjoy this moment.

>> what are the penguins like?

>> they kept me going. they're adorable. any time i was like, i can't do it anymore, i can't. i would look at them and be like, okay, for them.

>> do it for the penguins.

>> i'm doing it for the penguins.

>> with back-to-back covers maybe now you have the clout to have a shoot somewhere other than antarctica for next year.

>> they promised somewhere warm.

>> hold them to it, kate .

>> 62 million people will read this issue.

>> sure.

>> of " sports illustrated ." congratulations again.