TODAY   |  February 11, 2013

Best February buys: Prom dresses, HDTVs

Knowing when to buy is one of the keys to getting the best deals possible. TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew offers advice on the items you should be buying in February to maximize your savings, including small electronics, prom dresses, coats and TVs.

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>>> now to the best things to buy in february. "today" contributor elizabeth mayhew says february is one of the best months to find deals. elizabeth , good morning. i hope that's true otherwise i don't know why i'm standing behind two dozen roses . why february?

>> folks at shop it to did an analysis of 2012 prices online and found that february has crept up as the best deal time. we're talking the highest discounts and even more than that, president's weekend has kind of usurped labor day , which used to be the biggest bang for your buck . next weekend, gear up. there will be really big sales.

>> let's get into some of these. where shall we start?

>> valentine's day is coming up. the best time to get things for valentine's day is after the holiday. companies are doing things to make it affordable beforehand. 1-800-flowers, if you get roses you'll get six more than you normally would at half price. opposed to $68, you'll get even more roses., usually $18. they're giving it for $11. go to fannie mayberrys. they're usually $29.99, and giving it to you for half. they're creating insecentives for you to go out there. facebook sweepstakes. you go and post pictures of your loved ones on godiva. it's called share the love and win chocolate for all your facebook friends plus 25% off your first purchase. incentivizing the deals.

>> macy's is doing something cool. february is also heart month.

>> a lot of companies are doing this. macy's in particular, if you buy their pin, wear red or buy red campaign , buy a pin for $2. they'll give you 20% off your purchases. you don't have to buy just red stuff. it applies to everything in the store. again, that money goes -- it's celebrating their ten-year commitment to heart health.

>> 20% off, wow.

>> there will be other deals on top of that. you can bank some of these deals.

>> the consumer electronics show was last month in january. that means lower prices on electronics in february?

>> 2012 pricing, yeah. take, for example, best buy the nikon cool pics, a $259 camera, now $99. unbelievable. $100 off other things. great prices on phones. even target has also great deals for this nikon, $100 off. it's usually $399. now $299.

>> you have a couple of toy boats here. but february say good time to buy a real boat.

>> we couldn't get a real boat into the studio especially given the storm. i talked to the editor in chief of boat shows are happening right now. it's a great time for you to negotiate dealer, cross dealer, go aisle to aisle and get those great incentives like free docking for a year, all of that. if you're in a market for the boat, also you'll get it for the season. get your boat in time.

>> tv, good time now.

>> it used to be november. if you missed the super bowl deals, you're okay. amazon is giving you 25% off. plus they'll install for free. coats, 50% off coats from land's end even cool places like see wonder and prom dress.

>> now prom dress?

>> buy them now. they're in the store. they start at $70 at kohl's and burlington coat factory starts at $25 plus. they'll give a dollar to for every dress you buy.

>> february is the month. elizabeth , thank you.