TODAY   |  February 10, 2013

How to get a great deal when booking travel online

Unlock those hidden travel treasures on the interwebs. A host of new websites give travelers more options to save some serious cash, and help those looking for the perfect airline seat. Travel + Leisure Magazine’s Mark Orwell shares tips with TODAY’s Erica Hill.

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>>> this morning on "today's" travel, the websites and apps that are revolutionizing a trip. travel and leisure with some favorites. what are some of the first you have?

>> it is called back bid. this is to find a great deal on a hotel. does this have low telhotels bidding on you?

>> you nailed it. you talk about the day you want and the star and quality and the maximum you are willing to pay. what happens then, the partners of backbid, the hotel partners, send you their lowest rate. i just did this for a trip to chicago. within two hours of my placing my trip, i got nine results back. i said i wanted to spend a maximum of $150. i got a four star hotel downtown chicago for $84. i can choose whichever one i want. it is a great, great way to save money.

>> $84 for a four- star hotel . the next one is called tingo . this is if you have made the reservation but you are thinking there is maybe a better deal.

>> this is the problem that if you book a hotel you think, would i have gotten a better deal if i would have waited a few days. tingo does the worrying for you. after you make the reservations on them, they will search consistently every day and hour to see if you get the better rate. they will refund the difference to your credit card .

>> you have to book it through tingo .

>> yes.

>> pintrips, of course, has become a huge thing. this is pintrips. how does this work?

>> you go on pintrips and use that to search for your airfare on nine or ten different sites. once you find an airfare that you like, you pin it, you select it. it goes automatically into a folder you can refer to. if you have ever had to go back and try to find a great airfare you found yesterday, it is impossible to find it again. it will be right there automatically updates the airfare.

>> seatguru, we all want a good seat by i which is not only more difficult but more expensive.

>> airlines are selling the best seats in coach at a higher price, the ones in the exit rows or right up by the front. it is more important than ever to know where your seat is going to be choosing the best one. they will show you a seat map of your flight, your plane, that will tell you in green which are the best seats to choose enter. they will have yellow seats if there is something wrong. the fuselage curves back so you don't have quite as much elbow room or if you are in the last row, the seat doesn't recline. it shows you all of these. you can go back and choose the best seat.

>> perfect.

>> finally, flightaware. i know a number of people that swear by this.

>> if you have got tonight airport and found that their flight got delay laed and you have to spend a couple hours waiting. even the e-mails from the airlines don't give you the most up to date information. you can download flightaware on to your mobile device , find out what time the flight left and it shows you exactly where is it is at any given time and tells you when that plane is reasonably ex expekted to land.

>> i love it.

>> i love it too. we'll