TODAY   |  February 10, 2013

Where was Dylan Dreyer during the blizzard?

On the way to cover the storm, TODAY’s meteorologist Dylan Dreyer was in a weather-related car accident, and missed reporting due to a concussion. She tells her co-anchors what she got up to instead.

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>> during our blizzard coverage, you might have noticed someone was missing, our own dylan dreyer. it turns out she was in a little bit of a car accident on the way to hartford to cover the storm . she is doing okay and joins us on the phone. dylan, good morning. we are glad you are resting up.

>> good morning. first of all, i'm upset i'm missing out on jelly beans .

>> we'll save you some.

>> i was just heading to standard storm coverage, heading up to hartford. when we left new york, the roads were totally fine. it was starting to get a little slippery. all of the sudden, i started tweeting pictures, because the roads were awful. then, a typical weather-related accident, we spun around. we got hit. i smashed my head against the window. i've never had a concussion before. they are not fun.

>> you are mentioning you were not driving. you were tweeting. someone else was driving.

>> i was tweeting from the bad seat. the roads got bad real fast. it was just one of those situati situations. any head injury , you have to take precautions. i went to the e.r. and it was said to be a minor concussion.

>> what was more painful missing out on the big storm from your area or getting hit in the head?

>> it was brutal. i worked in boston and for the last year i was there, we didn't have a big storm . two years before that, we had storm after storm . it was one of those things, you are tweeting all the latest information and the computer models and you are making the forecast and when the big thing hits, i'm out of commission spending it in the e.r. looking at the computer made me dizzy. it was heartbreaking not to be a part of this storm . i hated that.

>> i think oscar there in the park was happy you got to take him in the snow.

>> we are glad you are doing better and we are looking forward to getting you back.

>> thank you so much. it was a nice little treat to enjoy a snowstorm and walk around it. i'm taking it easy.

>> snow angels always make you feel better. i can tell you that from personal experience.

>> you were my inspiration for