TODAY   |  February 09, 2013

Jenna Wolfe on weight loss: Surprise, shock your muscles

When TODAY’s fitness guru Jenna Wolfe isn’t in the studio, she’s most likely working out. Now that she’s a certified personal trainer, she took a moment to answer viewer questions about fitness and exercise.

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>>> morning. "ask jenna ," not here in studio 1a , she's helping people work out now that she's a certified personal trainer. she can answer questions about exercise which there are many. ready?

>> yeah. let's do it!

>> our first question is from a caller. barbara's on the phone from goose creek , south carolina . barbara, what's your question for jenna ?

>> caller: good morning, enamp i'm 42 years old -- jenna , i'm 42 years old and have lost 43 pounds. i've hit a plateau and am at 194 pound. i kickbox, have a boot camp class, i am eating properly, promise you. but i indulge once a week so i don't go crazy with eating. what do i do to get past plateaus?

>> plateaus are very big. people feel like they get to some certain weight and can't do anything else. if you bike, try the elliptical. if you do the elliptical, try the treadmill. here's an idea -- get on the treadmill, run for three minutes at a brisk pace or even a sprint if you will, and then break it up with a different exercise. here's three different exercises. you get on the treadmill for three minutes, get off, why don't you do a set of 20 -- kick out, kick in and jump up. you can do something like that. get back on the treadmill for three minutes, come off, do what's called the goblet squat. grab a can of soup, bottle of water, a weight. we'll use water. squad down, come up, pivot. do 20 those. get back on the treadmill, come off. for your third exercise, do just about anything. how about a pike? get down over here, do about 30, come down nice and easy, what tell do, it will spike your hart rate, give you something -- heart rate, give you something different. it will give you strength training and calories.

>> it fools your muscles do into doing more work --

>> when you surprise your muscles, they work harder and you burn more calories.

>> the next question is via skype from lisa. good morning.

>> good morning and congratulations, jenna , on your certificati certification.

>> thank you.

>> i work out five to six days a week and maintain a balance between cardio and strength training . i don't incorporate yoga or pilates. is it important to add these activities? and what would you shoot for as a balance?

>> if you're going to give yourself four to five days a week of working out, i would love to see you do cardio three days a week, strength training two days a week. and leave a sixth day to do whatever you want , to have fun, play a game of pickup basketball, to take a yoga class, maybe substitute one of the cardios for a yoga. but just to do something that's a little more fun. so definitely get your strength training in there. it's so important especially for women to do that.

>> all right. good questions. good answers. thank you very much.

>> appreciate it.