TODAY   |  February 09, 2013

Northeast storm slides into the record books

With 400,000 people left without power in Massachusetts and record-breaking snowfall in Maine, the latest winter storm smashed records for New England. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>>> the weather channel 's mike seidel who is north of boston in revere beach , massachusetts. mike, good morning.

>> reporter: and good morning, erica . behind me is the angry north atlantic . the next high tide is the high tide as concerned, these waves here are only 10 to 12 footers. but down south toward scituate and sandwich on the cape, looking at 20-foot breakers. on top of a surge, they may run as high as two to three feet in sandwich. they've already ordered evacuations in scituate. snow here, four to five miles away where al is. four to five-foot drifts here. this is the beach at revere. the tide is coming in, high tide at 10:00 a.m . this morning. they've got a sea wall . no concerns here about the water getting over the sea wall in the property. very few cars out overnight. we've seen plows go all night long here. what a storm. we've had wind gust out here over 60 miles per hour. that has not got a lot of power. in the state of massachusetts alone, 400,000 customers without power. and the power companies are saying it could be at least three days. and in the short term, they can't get the bucket trucks out and up because the winds are too strong. as al mentioned, a lot of snow now, lester and erica . this ranks number six in boston. likely end up number five on the record books as the biggest storm. portland, maine, has come in with over 29 inches. they've had their biggest snowstorm on record up the coast. lester, erica , back to you.

>> record-setting in so many ways.