TODAY   |  February 09, 2013

Roads closed across Rhode Island

“Stay home and stay safe,” said TODAY’s Al Roker. Gov. Lincoln Chafee declared a state of emergency and closed highways to non-essential traffic Friday, and residents were told to continue to stay off the roads Saturday. TODAY’s Al Roker reports.

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>>> let's get the latest on this blizzard in the northeast. al roker 's in boston . copley square for us. good morning again.

>> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. just braekeaking news, the governor of rhode island has closed all the roads in rhode island . that joins connecticut and also massachusetts . roads closed officially. so you know, people taking this storm very, very seriously. let's take a look -- we've got some statistics now. the top five amounts of snow that have fallen in this area, milford, connecticut , 38 inches of snow. oxford, connecticut , 36. new haven, 34 inches of snow. we're looking at milford, as we said, new haven. madison, 32 inches. oxford, 36. boston , officially 21.8 inches of snow. so it's going to continue to come down. and this storm system really came together. we were talking about this on monday. but what happened was two storms really came together and provided -- one providing the moisture. the other providing the cold air. and boy, did they really phase together two days ago and just came up the coast and walloped the northeast and new england. and continue to have problems. snowfall amounts are still coming down. we've started to see the snow starting to lighten up just a little bit here in boston . but as you move north here and along the shoreline, we still have one to two-inch snowfalls per hour. so total, additional accumulation over the next 24 hours , about four to eight inches of snow right here along the coast. boston to the north. to the west, two to four inches. further west, the areas in white, one to three inches. winds still going to be a problem. those winds are going to continue gusting around tropical force winds. but sustained winds anywhere from, oh, i'd say 20 to 25, 30 miles per hour. so again, guys, still a dangerous changeable situation. and again, all roads in rhode island have been closed joining connecticut and massachusetts . so if you are trying to get, say, from massachusetts to new york and you were driving, forget it. you can't do it. so stay home and stay safe. back to you.