TODAY   |  February 09, 2013

Days of power outages expected in Connecticut

Travel has shut down with visibility down to less than a mile in some places of the state of Connecticut, and residents are bracing for what may be days without power. The Weather Channel's Janel Klein reports.

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>> we'll see how things are going, we have the weather channel 's janel klein from hartford.

>> reporter: good morning. we're waking up to about three feet of snow in hartford. in some places, there are drifts as high as seven feet. that's got a lot of cars like this stranded on the roads under a lot of snow. in fact, it is so bad trying to be on the roads here, that the connecticut governor has actually shut down all of the roads in the state saying it is just too dangerous for people to be out. even emergency crews are having a tough time driving on those roads, having a difficult time trying to get to people who need medical attention or other help. and people at home aren't having a lot easier of a time. they are without power in many parts. in fact, 80% of customers in some towns are without power. a lot of extra people brought in to try to repair those lines. but lester, as they try to get out on the road, with high winds and low visibility, many are in the exact same situation as this car -- stuck.