TODAY   |  February 09, 2013

Boss of ex-LAPD officer accused of killing spree speaks out

Los Angeles Police Chief William Braton, who was once the boss of Christopher Dorner, said Dorner is an “injustice collector” who finally reached a tipping point.

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>>> in california, authorities are still frantically searching for the former los angeles cop accused of going on a killing spree . and there are new photos today of fugitive christopher dorner. new surveillance photos taken days ago. police are hoping they might spark a fresh lead in a trail that appears to have gone cold. the last trace of the former lapd officer, his burned out car found on thursday near big bear mountain. law enforcement officers are combing that area, combing homes and woods for any signs of dorner. so far, nothing. police across california remain on high alert. dorner is accused of killing two people in irvine on sunday, then shooting three police officers , killing one, in riverside county on thursday. dorner posted a manifesto on facebook. the killings appear to be revenge for being fired from the lapd in 2008 . william bratten is dorner's former boss, the los angeles police chief from 2002 to 2009 . nice to have you with us. as you're looking at this, appears to have gone cold. the last thing really that was connected to dorner was the burned out car found on thursday. could that have been a decoy?

>> actually, my understanding is that the car got stuck in the mud up there. so there was some thought that it was a diversion to draw attention 80 miles outside of los angeles . but there was speculation that he actually got stuck there. it was unintended.

>> that was why it ended up there in that way, that's why it was burned there. but the trail has at this point seemingly gone cold. no sense of where he may be. and you pointed out earlier this morning that this is actually sort of an important date today.

>> this is the fourth anniversary of his dismissal from the lapd . four years ago he received his discharge papers, if you will, his dismissal papers on february 9 , 2009 . so the day of significance in his mind in as much as his grievances steam center on his dismissal.

>> this manifesto is actually helpful to officers.

>> very helpful. we had the opportunity to look at three sets of profiles by profilers over the last two days. and they're pretty universal that the triggering event in this man's life was, in fact, this dismissal. he is a -- an injustice collector, a term they use. he collects injustices and never lets them go. and evidently they finally reached a tipping point that led to the series of violent acts the last several days.

>> he remembered you. there's a picture of the two of you together. he sent a challenge coin that had multiple bullet holes in it to cnn's anderson cooper with a note that said, "thanks, but no thanks." when you knew that that had been sent, this coin that had apparently come from you, what did you think?

>> it was disturbing. it added another element to it, if you will. that coin actually was given to him as a sign of respect and good luck when he was shipping off to iraq. and to have it sent back in that condition, not quite what you'd expect.

>> no. quickly, you said he collects injustices. is this the type of person who will turn himself in or give up?

>> the profilers that i've spoken to indicate that they doubt that very much. the last thing he would want would be to be arrested by the lapd and do a perp walk . that would be the last injustice or the most significant one.