TODAY   |  February 08, 2013

DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Better Homes and Gardens’ Elaine Griffin has Valentines Day crafts and treats that are perfect for kids, including red velvet whoopee pies and cookie-cutter cards.

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>> what are we making?

>> first of all, hoda, i'm smelling something.

>> isn't it fantastic.

>> valentine's day is the sweetest day of the year for kids of every age, and whoopi piz.

>> oh.

>> these are red velvet whoopi pieces. they are the graphic.

>> i have to try it and see .

>> there's the cream cheese dressing in the middle.

>> let's talk about who is in front of you right now. mia and lilian are helping us. what are they making?

>> mia and lillian -- we're all doing different valentine's, and they're getting ready for our late valentine. those are retro cake -- the wurchz we made in grade school where you pumplg out the little holes around the card. make sure they're evenly spaced, and then you just thread everything through.

>> okay.

>> and this is another great -- these are another great idea.

>> who is crafty?

>> you do it.

>> just more so than you.

>> we're going to paint these on. a four inch roller. we're going to roll.

>> look how pretty.

>> we're going to get the ombre effect. can you do this on a paper place. start half an inch down so you have a nice border that goes all the way around.

>> let's continue down. you have to see jolie and sdmrak.

>> you know me.

>> they're getting us ready for --

>> what are they doing?

>> isn't this cute? these are 3-d pop-up cards that they're going to be, and basically you cut out a lot of hearts of varying sizes.

>> yep.

>> and then you're going to -- this is when a paper punch comes in handy, and it's the new it tool. right?

>> they didn't have those back in the day.

>> back in the day. then so you string them through.

>> that's cute, right?

>> don't tape them because you want them to pop up. then just tie them on the back.

>> isn't that gorgeous?

>> i like it.

>> down we go.

>> is it michael in another little child sitting with michael?

>> yes.

>> what's got into --

>> what's going on here?

>> valentine's day is a chocaholic's dream holiday. as inexpensive as it gets. take the outer wrapper of a chocolate bar and make your own fancy one with great paper. then they're making the gift cards right now that we're going to stick on them. we just cut those out of paper, and then we are decorating them with little stickers from the card store.

>> i like those.

>> lovely, lovely valentine's day.

>> you guys did so well.

>> awesome, kids. thank you so