TODAY   |  February 08, 2013

Squatter evicted from $2.5 million mansion

Since Christmas, 23-year-old Andre Barbosa has been living in a $2.5 million mansion in Boca Raton, Fla., and posting on Facebook about his life there. Bank of America owns the home and on Thursday they changed the locks and formally evicted Barbosa, even though he was gone when they showed up.

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>>> back now at 7:40 with new information this morning on the south florida man who was living in a multimillion dollar mansion for free. it was all legal, but now it's all over. julia baggs from wjtv in florida has the information.

>> reporter: people here are feeling relief this morning. the man who found a way to move into this mansion in a well-to-do neighborhood without buying or renting it is gone. andre barbosa , south florida 's most infamous squatter, is squatting no more.

>> very complex situation.

>> reporter: it was good while it lasted for barbosa . since christmas, the 23-year-old has been living in this 7,500 square foot foreclosed, $2.5 million waterside mansion in boca raton , florida. while he was living the dream , foest posting his thoughts about living in the mansion, neighbors were living a nightmare.

>> he's a squatter. that can pull a neighborhood down faster than anything.

>> reporter: attorneys, police, and bankers from bank of america , which owned the property, swooped in.

>> after extensive legal research we determined there was a basis to conduct an investigation. that's all we needed.

>> reporter: that investigation found there was reason to believe that barbosa was trespassing. even though he wasn't there at the time, locks were changed, possessions inside the house were removed and he was formally evicted. neighbors were thrilled.

>> yes, i'm very relieved. very much. now -- i don't think he'll come back.

>> reporter: using an obscure real estate law called adverse possession . when a neighbor came suspicious and went over, he found several people inside and asked one what was going on.

>> he said i'm here to assess this building, to establish -- i said what?

>> he said, yeah, embassy for our mission.

>> reporter: when two people show showed up, covering up the license plate for their car, neighbors had enough. they're just happy everyone is gone.

>> i'm old school. it's not moral or ethical what they're doing. they're taking advantage of the system. that's not the way i was brought up. that's not the way people in this neighborhood are brought up.

>> reporter: bank of america released a statement saying it appreciates the patience of neighbors as it worked to have the trespassers removed. andre barbosa could not be released for comment but police tell us he's not facing any charges.

>> julia bagg, thank you.