TODAY   |  February 08, 2013

Tiffani Thiessen: ‘White Collar’ role most like me

After 31 years of acting, Kelly Kapowski is all grown up! Tiffani Thiessen of “Saved by the Bell” fame says her role as the wife of an FBI agent on the USA Network show "White Collar" is the closest she’s come to playing herself. 

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>>> actress tiffany theissen has been in the spotlight since she was a teenager, and she's managed to successfully transition into a mature and beautiful woman. well-rounded.

>> this includes her tashgt on the hit show " white collar " where she plays elizabeth berk, the steadfast wife of an fbi agent.

>> it could probably save you a few hours of work .

>> okay. 30 cables. turnover, an hour per table. here they have total attendance at 220. they're only putting 300 linens to be washed.

>> they could be reusing them to cut costs.

>> or be padding the head count and tapping a couple extra grand every night.

>> well, look who is here.

>> poor baby has to work with such dogs.

>> it's the hardest job ever.

>> they're such sweet guys, aren't they?

>> we have the nicest group of people. the crew, the cast, we're very fortunate.

>> you talk about your character is someone you say you strive to be like. what is it about her that you really like?

>> i think she really has her stuff together.

>> thank you for cleaning that up.

>> aechl a mom now.

>> she's smart and savvy and funny, but i feel that she has her priorities straight. her husband is definitely, you know, really number one and they really lean on each other a lot, but her career is still very, very important to her, and her dog is important to her.

>> a lot like you in that sense.

>> she's probably the closest to myself in all the roles that i have played, which is 31 years of doing this.

>> has it really been that long?

>> 31 years.

>> you seem so young.

>> any regrets about that? would you want them to go into the business? you have a child now.

>> i wouldn't push her to do it, and i am shoor my mother could probably say the same thing. things change . it's harder now. it is harder. the social media .

>> i can't take it. i can't take it. how old is she?

>> 2 1/2 now.

>> what's the best part about being a mom, do you think?

>> just the abundance of love i have for this child. it's like you feel that way when you first meet your husband, of course, and then it becomes even more so when you have a kid.

>> how has he changed since she was born?

>> i always knew he was going to be a great dad, and it's true. he is an amazing father.

>> was that picture your birthday party ?

>> it was just my birthday last week.

>> it was? what did you wish for?

>> i'm just wishing for her to be a happy, fun kid and be healthy and all of that.

>> we bring children into no matter if they're in show business or not, all this cyber stuff and all this --

>> it's scary.

>> she opened my phone when she was, like, a year old.

>> i remember watching my niece on a magazine, and thinking it was like an ipad because you don't realize it's paper. things are paper now.

>> it's true. i think they did a study where they gave a little one a little ipad and magazine or newspaper, and it was trying to do the same thing. picking up the paper and --

>> that's kind of scary. i guess they're learning new skills.

>> are we in for some surprises on white collar ?

>> we are always having some surprises. i mean, you're going to -- in the next few weeks you might see, you know, mrs. burke carry a gun possibly.

>> how timely.

>> you really --

>> i did. woman's intuition. i loved the script from day one. i knew it was going to get picked up. i knew it was going to be something. yeah, i did. i did. i actually didn't get it right in the beginning. they kind of passed on me, and then they came back.

>> wow. we're happy for you.

>> thank you.

>> always great to see you. thanks for coming to toe sea us, tiffany.

>> you can catch white collar tuesday nights 10:00 , 9:00 central