TODAY   |  February 08, 2013

Roker: ‘Dangerous conditions’ expected from snow

TODAY’s Al Roker says that a clipper system coming off the Great Lakes coupled with a storm system making its way up the East Coast will collide, causing  historic and potentially dangerous weather conditions for the Northeast.

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>> al roker and he's in boston . boy, the folks up there are getting ready, al. good morning.

>> good morning, matt. yeah, they absolutely are. and this is a powerful storm. it will probably rank as one of boston 's top five storms before it's all over. schools are already closed. flights, airports being canceled. thousands of flights. we're talking amtrak canceling trains this afternoon between new york and boston . let's take a look, show you what's the ingredients for this system getting itself together. we've got a clipper coming across the great lakes. we've also got a storm system across the east coast . both are going to come on a collision course, energy from the clipper will transfer to this low pressure system offshore, creating a classic nor'easter. so as you can see, as we get into the morning hours, the snow starts to really pick up from new york city to the north, inland sections of new york state, new england, making its way up the coast through saturday morning and those lines in between, you see those are isobars. the tighter those lines, the more the winds we see. as far as winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings, everything you can see from michigan all the way to upstate new york . we've got winter storm warnings, but closer along the coast from new york , boston , up to portland. we have blizzard warnings in effect. sustained winds of over 35 miles per hour with heavy snow, creating low visibility and dangerous conditions. as far as accumulations are concerned, we're generally looking from anywhere to three to six inches of snow. new york city to up to a foot of snow, back through the great lakes as well. but look along from providence all the way up to east port . we're talking one to two feet of snow and in eastern massachusetts , one to two feet possibly and very likely we're talking about three feet of snow to the west of boston . boston will most likely see somewhere around two feet of snow. as you look right now along the west side of manhattan , the snow coming down, they have 1,800 sanitation trucks ready with snow plows on them. they expect to spread 250,000 tons of salt at some point during this. so, we are really looking at a