TODAY   |  February 07, 2013

Toni Braxton: It’s expensive to look trashy

Singer turned actress Toni Braxton has a starring role in a Lifetime original movie called “Twist of Faith,” which premieres Saturday. Now a mom, Braxton looks back on her previous fashion choices, which she says were “BC … before children.”

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>> albums sold worldwide and six grammys toni braxton has always been a leading lady in the world of music. now she's landed her first starring role in a lifetime movie zoosh it is called " twist of fate ." toni plays a single mom , nina, rooted in the church who meets a mysterious man and discovers they share a mutual love for singing. take a look. with every moment god has a passion he is sending my way at this moment he believes in me i believe in you

>> he looks like --

>> ah.

>> they're singing live. it's not lip-synching. so good to see you.

>> that's beautiful what we were just listening to.

>> it's reminiscent a little of the music from --

>> this is a mysterious man you meet, you fall for.

>> not initially. my character, her name is nina, and she's very -- she's a schoolteacher. i went to college to be a teacher. i'm a preacher's kid and lived next door to the church.

>> she's buttoned up.

>> very angry at love and life . they meet and find each other, but not initially, as i said before. he loses his wife and his kids, tragically. he is jewish and a a christian, and a gospel singer in the church, and we need mete and fall in love.

>> can't stop love.

>> this is true.

>> how do the families react?

>> well, his parents don't know. once go black, you don't go back.

>> now, do you enjoy the acting? obviously we know you as a singer, but you seem to fit so well in this role.

>> i think it was very natural.

>> thank you for that. i think it was the character i was representing. i have to commend lifetime for doing a script like this because it was risky. there was a scene they wanted us to make out in church. i said, guys, i can't make out in church. it's a multi-purpose room. it doesn't matter.

>> they changed it and said, you're right, let's change it. it was a very brave movie zoosh it's another person acting in this as well.

>> your son has a role in this.

>> diesel. what a cool name for a kid.

>> i love that. oh, my gosh.

>> diesel is a student in my classroom, and he comes and asks me a few questions. he is excited about that.

>> in real life your son has been diagnosed with autism.

>> uh-huh.

>> he was offered the leading role, and you thought it might be too much for him.

>> as a mom and school had just started. he would have to have tutors and too much responsibility. baby steps.

>> you have become an advocate for autism.

>> yes, very early diagnosis has changed the situation where w my son. he is now high functioning. very lucky.

>> we showed off one of your dresses from back in the day. you were showing it all.

>> that was b.c., before children.

>> let's just live here for just a minute.

>> what do you think about cbs saying we don't want to see as much skin exposed?

>> i don't understand. it's rock 'n' roll, and we are always pushing the envelope. you don't want us to look so trashy?

>> do you know how much this costs?

>> i'm a little disappointed, but they'll be clever.

>> you think they'll obey the laws?

>> no, no.

>> they're rebels and renegades and -- they're not going to obey.

>> someone will have a dress with butt crack on it. this is not my butt crack , but --

>> they'll fuzz out everything. they don't want you thinking butt crack . not even thinking.

>> that's no fun.

>> nothing allowed.

>> toni, best of luck with this movie.

>> yes.

>> " twist of fate " premiers this saturday on lifetime.