TODAY   |  February 07, 2013

Homes across the US for under $500,000

TODAY real estate expert Barbara Corcoran shows off an eclectic mix of beautiful homes that can be yours for under $500,000, from a stone colonial in Pennsylvania to a log home in Montana.

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l'oreal creates caresse wet shine stain: help. real estate , what you can get for under $500,000. today real estate expert and our brick house , barbara corcoran has a nice mix of beautiful homes.

>> crazy mix.

>> let's start in the northeast, pennsylvania, elkins park . this one you say has great curb appeal .

>> great curb appeal , like a stately updated colonial. to my eye looks like a mini white house , 12 miles from philadelphia. the best time to shoot a house is in the spring. this is a perfect example of it. you've got to plan ahead and take the shots in the spring when you're planning on selling. this is a great room, wood floors, fireplace, furnishings are sadly a bit dated but that's easy to fix, move your own in. picture window, stone walls , the owner loves salmon. the blue and white kitchen, white cabinets and tile top center island and large square master bedroom is 16 by 16, plenty of space here with extra wide baseboards and lots of closet space .

>> let's go a little contemporary, reno nevada . this one little ranch style home cost $469,000.

>> quiet community known for ponds and walking trails. people love living here. beautiful curb appeal from the front. the living room is beautiful, windows, exposed beams on the ceiling, fireplace, it really pops there. great example how to sell a room if you want to sell a house.

>> dramatic.

>> kitchen has expensive cherry wood cabinets, windows over the sink. i could sit all day.

>> that doesn't look real.

>> almost like a tv set or fish bowl . it is real and those views come with the house. master bedroom has wood floors and unusual trio angled windows. you don't see that. kind of weird but works. fully finished basement, doesn't look like a basement, has five windows in a row and plenty of light and plenty of space, just a spare room.

>> one of my favorite places, missoula, montana.

>> one of the few guys that can say that word. everybody mispronounces it including me. this is a log cabbon, almost like you're serving it up. that's the terrace area, beautifully landscaped, only three miles from the base of the ski area . it comes with 25 spectacular acres and includes large timbered gazebo out by the fire pit there. people love that in this part of the country. they like buying it. they never use it. there it is. the home is constructed of oversized logs. i haven't seen this in a decade.

>> you like it.

>> i love it. look how beautiful that is. i love it. picture perfect . 15 foot cathedral ceilings. what a home. pretty windows look out on miles of woodland. usual in this part of the country, usual run-of-the-mill deer, elk, black bear , mountain lions . who wouldn't want to sleep in that bedroom.