TODAY   |  February 07, 2013

Boy, 2, shows off basketball skills that went viral

Two-year-old Titus stunned the Internet with a video of him making trick basketball shots that has earned almost 1 million hits since Sunday. He shows off his moves as his family talks about how they discovered his talent.

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>>> next biggest thing.

>> incredible shots. this video was posted on youtube sunday. already 2 million hits.

>> titus is here with his parents kristin and joseph and his siblings. good to see you guys.

>> the whole family.

>> titus just turned two the end of january. when did he start doing this? when did you notice this?

>> a little after he started walking.

>> he started shooting baskets.

>> when he was little he started snuggling with me and watching nba on the computer.

>> i was talking to you in the greenroom and he was like, can i do more, more? he wants to do it all the time of he says more hoop. so he's been enjoying himself this morning.

>> your other kids, did they do similar things when they were titus 's age.

>> i don't know if any of them were so interested in basketball like that.

>> you say he has a video, doesn't like to miss. you have a pretty good percentage. that was tough.

>> that looks hard.

>> he starts on the little one, goes to the middle one. he's been thinking some on the bigger basket as well.

>> and trick shots, too, by the way.

>> we got him to do the trampoline shot on the break.

>> do you work with him all the time?

>> i home school the kids and he is little. so he doesn't really have assignments. so he just runs off to the hoop.

>> on the head.

>> the rebound shot.

>> the next trick shot video, off the brother's head.

>> did you play basketball.

>> as a hobby, pick up basketball now and then.

>> you want to hand him the ball? we hear that might be the secret.

>> all right.

>> savannah.

>> i want to mention on the side i'm also a sports agent and i'd like to talk to you right after the show.

>> yeah!