TODAY   |  February 07, 2013

Cyberloafing: Are you surfing the web at work?

A new study says cyber distractions now account for more than half our time at work. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren talks to office workers about what distracts them the most and gets advice on how to maximize productivity.

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>> first put down that smartphone or computer for a second. forget surfing the net. we're spending more than half our time at work on the computer doing things that have nothing to do with our jobs. nbc's kristin dahlgren in los angeles with details. good morning to you.

>> sorry, savannah, watching a video of my niece getting her first ski lesson, only to prove my point. some call it cyber lovering, slacking, what others call it, just another day at the office.

>> solitaire?

>> yeah.

>> come on, admit it, you're not all business at work.

>> i better do something, check facebook and check twitter.

>> i think it's just the norm.

>> researchers agree, a new study in the journal of computers in human behavior found between 60 and 0% of people's time on the internet at work has nothing to do with work.

>> you've got to see this. it's a video of a baby panda sneezing.

>> you may go to look at your e-mail and it's pretty easy to click over and maybe check your facebook site and what some of your friends are doing and maybe look at the news online. pretty soon it's not five minutes, it's an hour or two hours.

>> the study suggests the only way to change that behavior is to consistently enforce no cyber slacking policies. but that can be a fine line .

>> if the atmosphere feels like big brother , then employee moral goes down.

>> at this shoe company near los angeles , workers are encouraged to be on social media in the office.

>> you can't separate the employees using facebook personally and then the business stuff we do and marketing we engage in on facebook and twitter.

>> the lines have gotten blurred.

>> we work on our vacations, checking out our e-mails but we also do a lot of our personal life types of activities while we're at work.

>> some psychologists say occasional cyber distractions can actually limit boredom and increase productivity. who doesn't love a little youtube to lighten the mood. don't worry, based on the stats, your boss may be cyber are loafing, too.

>> my bosses doing the same thing i am. i'll find him on facebook and say, get back to work. he'll go, ha, you, too.

>> the study found nine out of ten of us admit to some type of cyber loafing. my research around here, that last guy, number ten, he's lying.

>> i was going to say 100%. kristin dahlgren, especially you, all the online shopping you do.

>> i was thinking about it while the story was on, i probably spend 10 minutes a day. seriously at work. i do a little more at home but at work, 10 minutes a day.

>> at work, three hours a day. just kidding.