TODAY   |  February 07, 2013

Chris Christie to doctor’s critique: ‘Shut up’

The New Jersey governor is firing back at the former White House doctor who recently commented on his needing to lose weight, saying she has never examined him and should conduct herself “more responsibly than that.” NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>> chris christie and his weight back in the light this morning after he lashed out at a former white house doctor who made critical comments about his size. mara schiavocampo has the latest on this. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. talk of governor christie 's weight isn't new. this week he even joked about it during a late night appearance but the governor didn't find anything funny about a former white house doctor about his health.

>> he should shut up.

>> reporter: that's governor christie 's blunt response to comments from bill clinton 's former doctor, a retired navy admir admiral.

>> i find it fascinating that a doctor in arizona, who has never met me, never examined me, never reviewed my medical history or records, knows nothing about my family history could make a diagnosis from 2400 miles away . she must be a genius.

>> she spoke about christie 's weight on cnn.

>> i'm a republican so i like chris christie a lot. i want him to run. i just want him to lose weight .

>> people who have a medical license , have the privilege of having a medical license , should in my view conduct themselves more responsibly than that.

>> my position is more than a democrat or republican. i worry about this man dying in office.

>> my 12-year-old son comes to me last night and says, dad, are you going to die? come on, this is irresponsible stuff.

>> reporter: christie acknowledged he has a weight problem. a year and a half ago he was hospitalized from an asthma attack .

>> my doctor warned me my luck is going to run out soon. it's something i'm conscious of.

>> after years of david leno poking fun at his weight, christie and on the late show to show he, too, can get in on the joke.

>> how is your cholesterol.

>> dave, my cholesterol is normal, believe it or not.

>> that's pretty good. what about your blood sugar ?

>> blood sugar , also normal.

>> reporter: for dr. mariano, there's nothing normal about christie 's health. on monday she replied to christie 's complaints and say, it doesn't take a physician to look at him and know he's overweight. a comment christie has heard before and takes in stride.

>> i'm basically the healthiest fat guy you've ever seen in your life.

>> in past interviews christie said he has been dieting 30 years and a major struggle in his life. he doesn't think it will interfere with his ability to hold any office, including president.

>> mara schiavocampo, thank you so much.

>> he has come out time stand time again and said, would i be healthier if i could lose weight , absolutely. would i be at less risk for heart disease and diabetes, absolutely. he really took offense to that line about dying in office in front of his kids.

>> his kids heard it.

>> crossed the line.

>> to a doctor that hasn't examined him to make the assessment in a few years he could probably die, went too far.

>> scary to hear.

>> coming up, is it time