TODAY   |  February 06, 2013

Evan Lysacek going for second gold in Sochi

Men’s figure skating gold medalists Evan Lysacek and Scott Hamilton chat about the athletes we can expect to see on the ice in Sochi next year, including female skaters Ashley Wagner and Gracie Gold. Lysacek also talks about aiming to follow in Dick Button’s footsteps next year by earning a second gold.

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>> this morning on "today" at the rink, we are honored to have two of our all-time favorite olympians with us today. scott hamilton , you remember him, won the gold in 1984 . and was our lovely judge earlier today. now announces figure skating for nbc and evan lysacek , happy to be representing the u.s. again in sochi. let's talk, first, scott, about the ladies and what we can expect. 2010 in vancouver, the ladies did not get on the medals stand.

>> for the first time.

>> for the first time since 1964 . ashley wagner is a name we're going to hear a lot.

>> the first woman to defend the u.s. title since michelle kwan . michelle left competitive figure skating. she carries herself like a champion, beautiful skater, very mature. it's a competitive sport. right now there's a couple young ladies coming up that are just incredible. you have gracie gold.

>> god last name.

>> great last name, very marketable. she's terrific. she has great techniques. an emerging artist. still looking for that maturity but she has all the goods. everything is there. and she's poised to kind of make a move to be the next great lady skating champion for the united states . ashley and gracie are going to be -- coming back next year, won the nationals two times. in the ladies department, the united states is looking pretty good.

>> all right. evan, let's talk about your chances. you haven't competed since vancouver. you, of course, won gold back then. you hope to defend the title. what do you think it will take to get back out there? a lot of skeptics are saying i don't think he can do it.

>> i hope to follow in the footsteps of our good friend, dick button . hoping to carry on that tradition, back in full training. this is my goal for the next year. i'm going to live this goal.

>> another name in the men, max aaron.

>> love that name, max.

>> it's a good one.

>> max did something -- it's kind of like the next wave of what's going on in figure skating and that's the quad is everything. opened with two beautiful quads. an incredible jumper. could use a little work on the artistic side. he's an amazing jumper and just threw it down