TODAY   |  February 06, 2013

Skier: Going to Olympics would be ‘dream come true’

Slopestyle skiers Tom Wallisch, Bobby Brown and Keri Herman, whose sport will be added to the Olympics for the first time next year, talk about what it would mean to them to make Team USA.

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>> an opportunity to make the team, looking forward to it.

>> are you looking forward to meeting all these different athletes from all over the world once you get over there?

>> definitely. so many different sports that we've never seen or been close to. so really cool to see what everyone else does, you know, all year long.

>> what do you think about this exotic location, sochi, russia? is it a dream to get to go to a place like that?

>> from awhat i heard it's awesome. it's right on the black sea . they say it's sort of a tropical climate out there. it's not what you think of when you think of russia, in my opinion. i'm definitely looking forward to hopefully making a trip out there.

>> i know a lot of the u.s. athletes are thinking about lindsey vonn this morning, who had that tough accident in austria yesterday. we're thinking of you, lindsey. recuperate well. we hope to see you in sochi in a year.