TODAY   |  February 06, 2013

A look at new Olympic bobsled, designed by BMW

Chuck Berkeley, a 2010 Olympian and 2014 hopeful, gives TODAY’s Al Roker a tour of the new bobsled that Team USA will be using in Sochi next year, designed by BMW of America, which he calls “smaller, faster, and sleeker.”

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>>> car makers usually don't want to see their cars sliding around on the ice. bmw of north america hopes that the sled that they've designed for the u.s. bobsled two-man team does that in record time. 2010 olympian chuck berkeley joining us. tell me about this. what makes this so different?

>> it's smaller, faster, sleeker than our current sled and there's a carbon fiber material that's used, a little lighter than our current sled. bmw has redistributed the weight in the sled to make it more balanced.

>> you have a prototype, copy of this one, running right now in europe. how has it been doing?

>> very well. very well. steadily improving, making modifications as they go. tweaked it slightly. it's doing very well.

>> haven't won a gold in 77 years. 2014 the year?

>> absolutely.