TODAY   |  February 06, 2013

Lottery winners ‘in shock’ over 2 winning tickets

An Arkansas couple on a weekend fishing trip came home with quite a catch: two winning lottery tickets, for $1 million and $50,000, bought at the same store. Stephen and Terri Weaver talk about their shock at being double winners.

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>>> arkansas couple that must have luck on their side. they were on a weekend getaway and returned with two winning lottery tickets, the first for $1 million, purchased at a convenience store on the way to their cabin, the other for $50,000, bought at the same store on their way home. stephen and terrterri, good morning. congratulations. are you kidding me?

>> no, we're not kidding. and good morning.

>> it's amazing. you bought your first set of tickets on the way to the cabin. you got some pizza, went to the cabin. started scratching off these tickets. who let out the biggest scream when you saw it was worth $1 million?

>> neither one of us screamed. we were in such shock it was hard to even function for about ten minutes. when i scratched it off, i handed it to my wife and my son and my daughter-in-law were there also, and --

>> somebody's calling, asking to borrow money, apparently.

>> yeah, guess so.

>> all right. so, anyway, you scratched it off and stay overnight at the cabin. the next day you went back to tell the clerk at the store where you bought the ticket that you guys had won and you bought more tickets?

>> yes, sir. we went back there to tell them we had won and have the ticket verified. when we got back there and they verified it and we did all of our congratulations and all that stuff, we decided we would buy a few more because we were going to stay at the cabin for the rest of the day. so we picked up a few more and went back home. and i forgot about the tickets when we got there. my son was -- and his wife were with us.

>> right.

>> at that time. and they were fixing to leave and go back to tulsa.

>> right. and then terri, when you finally got to scratch off the second group of tickets, terri, i understand when you told stephen that it was a $50,000 winner, he actu -- you actually got worried because he got so red in the face you thought he was having a heart attack.

>> once again, yes.

>> stephen , when you went back to the store and told them you won again, what was the reaction?

>> the lady was pretty much floored. she couldn't believe it. couldn't believe we had won twice, couldn't believe we had won as much as we did.

>> $1,050,000. once you go back to that store would you buy me ten tickets, please?

>> i'm getting that a lot from a lot of people.

>> use the money well. use it wisely. congratulations. okay?