TODAY   |  February 06, 2013

Athletes demo new Olympic sport: Slopestyle skiing

Olympic hopefuls Tom Wallisch, Bobby Brown, and Keri Herman show the TODAY anchors the ropes of slopestyle skiing, one of the most popular events at the Winter X Games which will be making its debut at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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>> tom joins us now on mt. rockefeller with a couple of other olympic hopefuls, who will tell us more about slope-style skiing. guys, ladies, nice to see you all. welcome.

>> thank you.

>> this is not new in the world of extreme sports but it's going to be new to a lot of people who tune in to watch the games in sochi. give me the basics. what do i need to know , tom?

>> we're more of an x-games, action sports kind of guys. for us it's a terrain park . you go down the run, there's jumps, rails, variety of different features and who can do the most difficult yet smooth, fluid-looking, fun-looking run. you try to kind of pick a run, do all these different tricks.

>> bobby, the skis, are they the kind of skis i would use on the weekend?

>> there's a tail -- or rounded on the tail so you can switch, do tricks backwards and land backwards as well.

>> carrie, danger element here? we're going to look at something that looks like if you miss it by that much, it will be a bad day .

>> danger is kind of the fun of it. every day you're conquering skis. it's a rush. it's so much fun.

>> we've got something set up here on mt. rockefeller. what do you call that, a rail?

>> we call that a down rail.

>> that's a down rail?

>> set on a down slope.

>> the object is to go jump up on that and do tricks once you're on it?

>> spin around, and spinoff.

>> tom, why don't you go first? before you go, what are you going to do?

>> i'm going to do a 270 on.

>> okay, great. tom wallisch. here we go.

>> did he nail it?

>> yeah.

>> that was nailed? okay. nice going, tom.

>> thank you.

>> bobby, you're going to go second, right?

>> yeah.

>> do you have a different trick planned for us?

>> left side, spin left, jumping over the rail and do a 270 off the rail.

>> before you do this, what kind of sports did you do before this? how did you end up in this?

>> pretty much every action sport , skateboarding, biking, mountain biking , and i kind of love being in the air, love to jump and having that rush.

>> reporter: all right, bobby, show us what you've got.all right, bobby, show us what you've got. make it is look so easy. you have a background in ice hockey ?

>> i do.

>> where did you play?

>> growing up in minnesota.

>> that's serious ice hockey .

>> >> oh, yeah.

>> how long have you been doing this?

>> eight years maybe.

>> is this as much fun as you've ever had as a sport?

>> oh, yeah. i don't know. i have fun with everything.

>> what are you going to do for us?

>> a switch up to switch. we'll see.

>> all right. carrie, go ahead.