TODAY   |  February 05, 2013

Bobby Deen’s 350-calorie shepherd’s pie

Chef Bobby Deen shows TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb his tasty but low-calorie shepherd’s pie, a selection from this cookbook featuring comfort foods that pack 350 calories or fewer.

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>> what?

>> in today's kitchening what's on the menu? a little southern comfort . chef bobby dean is reworking his mother's recipes into lighter, lieber versions from mama's table to mine. everybody's favorite comfort foods . at 350 calories or less.

>> wow. is that possible?

>> right. it is. want just my mom's recipes, but really traditional comfort foods . 350 calories or less was something that we felt like we could hit and still maintain flavor.

>> i can't wait. with the shepherd's pie, you wouldn't think you could to it.

>> this is something that everybody's mom and dad at home. can i put you to work? we're going to lighten this up. we're going to use skim milk.

>> and a little -- yes. yukon gold .

>> they're a little more -- what's the word?

>> you whan i'm going to say?

>> needy.

>> a russert would need lots of butter and all that stuff. no, no, no, baby.

>> i do it my way.

>> she does.

>> a little salt and pepper .

>> you're stirring carrots, and i'm adding a pound of lean turkey.

>> lean turkey.

>> did you all do shepherd's pie at home?

>> i love shepherd's pie.

>> we don't have real -- you just continue to do that.

>> i just want to show you how much butter now he uses as opposed to his mother, which is a gallon.

>> my mama would be mad at that amount of butter. she would be mad.

>> do you want me to put that in here?

>> my mama is going to be real mad.

>> what else do you put in here?

>> a little bit of thyme.

>> do you think --

>> do you know who my mother is snoo sn she's terrifying. low sodium chicken stock . this is -- i said this earlier, but it's really incredible, and half a cup of this there's only 15 calories and no fat grams at all. we don't have real fun so we're doing this quick.

>> potatoes are ready.

>> are they?

>> uh-huh.

>> look what you have done. look at your hard work that you ladies have put in here.

>> that's all done.

>> shepherd's pie.

>> how long do we cook that?

>> this is going to be in the oven for 30 minutes . what we would do is take the potatoes that kathie lee was working with and top our shepherd's pie with it. this is the finished product, and it's good.

>> it's --

>> put a fork in there.

>> we don't have a dish. just got g right at that time.

>> accompanied by green bean casserole . these are super southern.

>> you can't do it. i tried. just didn't work. it fell apart. do you like it?

>> needs a little salt though, i have to be honest.

>> well, do it. who needs a plate?

>> are you kidding?

>> i love it. this looks like my mama's house.

>> do you want to try this?

>> wait until you see what the crew does after you leave.

>> that's chocolate cheesecake. i don't have a huge sweet tooth , but when i do want something sweet, it's a cheesecake.

>> by the way, delicious.

>> thank you so much. thank you so much.

>> tomorrow it's a big day . guess what, we're going to celebrate.

>> you're going to be drinking again tomorrow.

>> tomorrow wine day wednesday.